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Monday 30 January 2017

Lifestyle | 12 Facts About Me


I've been blogging for a good 2 and a half years now, and as much as I show my personality, you, my readers don't really know the true me behind Fashionista Chic. So here's some facts about me.

I'm obsessed with unicorns

Ever since I was 5, I've adored unicorns. I own so many different unicorn things now, from lights, ornaments to microwavable unicorns. I just love them! I scream if people buy me anything to do with unicorns! The obsession started when my Dad bought me a giant pink unicorn from Toys R Us when I was 5 for Christmas. But New Years Eve in 2015, my dog was scared of all the fireworks and got in my room and destroyed my beloved unicorn...But it's okay, I'll buy another one when I get my own house hehee!

I really love chicken

Everywhere I go for food, chicken is normally my first choice. Ever since I was younger, nearly every single meal was with chicken. At least I was full of protein, but because I hardly eat red meat, I really lack in iron, which leads to me becoming ill unfortunately sometimes.

I love a good country walk

Especially on a cold crispy morning when the sun is shining and your all wrapped up but the sun is helping to toast you up in the cold. Even in the summer, I love the country side, any excuse for a picnic or bike ride!

I can be really OCD

As in everything has to be clean and tidy all the time. I used to be so bad that even my pencils had to be all lined up perfectly at school. Bit in a way, I love being clean and tidy, as it just helps me to stay organised.

I love adventure

Whether this be travelling or trying something new. I love to expand what I like, experiences and personality through new places and things. I want to travel the world and venture to as many places as possible through my life!

I am a thoughtful person

I try and help others as much as I can, whether this be my family, friends or a stranger in the street. It's a lovely feeling to be kind to someone, even a smile cheers someone up a little bit. No one knows what each one of us is going through.

I love to be creative

Whether this is through blog posts, DIY's art or planning places to go, I just love to give it a go. Why stick to what you normally do when there's so many things you can do and explore in this world!

I crave inspiration constantly

I love to watch YouTube videos every now and again, as they give me such inspiration to do things! Especially Charlotte Hole, Lydia Elise Millen, InTheFrow and Sarah Ashcroft! My favourites to watch lately, as well as the two idiots from Dudley as I call them which are TGFbro. I've followed them for a good year and a half, met them and find them so funny but inspirational! Watching my favourite YouTubers videos just really inspires me along with reading blog posts from all kinds of bloggers.

I love animals

I've always had lots of pets as a child such as rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and dogs. I still have a dog called Pepsi which I love so much! If you have me on snapchat (@isobelceline) you may have seen him sometimes. Animals are always so lovely unless they aren't very tame or aren't used to humans and hurt you through them being scared that is. But I've always loved them.I'd love to own a dogs home for stray, unwanted or lost dogs so they can be cared for and roam free to play and do what they want.

I suffer from anxiety

Lately I have overcome this and rarely get panic attacks, but I can get depressed sometimes. I mainly get depressed when I'm being unproductive and not eating the right foods. I went through therapy calls that honestly did help and it made me see where my anxiety was mostly coming from, once I sorted that problem I was pretty much on track, but sometimes I 'let things go over my head' but it still affects me, and that continuously builds up until I have an emotional breakdown. I've learnt to not live like this anymore and focus on what really matters, which is live life to the fullest and not let anything stand in my way

I hate buttons

Ever read this post about koumpounophobia before? Once you read that, you'll understand why I feel so disgusted by them.

Do you relate to any of these facts of mine?

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  1. Loved this post! I can relate to you so much! And you look absolutely gorgeous in that bra, the colour really suits you! x

    Alina |

  2. Mi piace molto il colore del reggiseno che indossi.