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Thursday 26 January 2017

Beauty | Mint Skin Mud Masks Review

Mint Skin

I've never heard of this Australian rand before until I had a browse on their site and saw what products they had to offer.

I received some lovely detox & hydrating mud masks and a brush to apply them with. Let's start with just impressions, that being the packaging. I love how simple and white it all is, which makes it oh so instagramable. I love how they used pastel colours within the logo and on the names of each mud mask pack.

Mint Skin

The Mud Rosa pack hydrates, restores and brightens the skin, which I found did just that actually. As my skin suffers a lot in the colder months, leaving dry patches around my face, so this did help to hydrate those areas and also made my skin feel softer.

I never realised I could use a brush to apply face masks. I found it so much less messy and a lot easier to apply using a brush, just like applying foundation to your face but with a lot more product. Using a brush also helps to not waste any product like you do when you use your hands. I definitely will be using a brush to apply my face masks now I've tried this out!

Mint Skin
*Mint Skin Mud Masks

The Mud Detox Clay mask is supposed to purify, refine and balance your skin. This one is a DIY one as it's just the powder, so you have to add 3 tbsp of water and mix it together until you have a thick paste. I got into a bit of a mess when I used this mask, but I did see results within my skin as soon as I took the mask off. It was brighter and glowing more, even more when I put on a moisturizer!

Have you ever tried this brand and their face masks? What's your favourite face mask to use?

*Items marked with an asterisk(*) have been kindly gifted for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own, open and honest. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*  


  1. Sembrano ottimi questi prodotti, vorrei provarli.

  2. I love that it comes with a brush! so convenient!

  3. Cute tips! Thanks for sharing!!
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  5. Nice I been curious about the masks and the brushes I see other bloggers use. Great post

  6. I've never tried them before, but they do sound good!
    Thanks for a great post :)