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Friday 10 March 2017

Lifestyle | What Happened In January


Even though we are pretty much in March now, I wanted to mention what happened in January. Thinking of making this a sort of series here on the blog as I haven't tried this sort of thing, yet I love reading this type of material.

Anyway, so throughout January I had a house move, but with my Dad, not with my Mum, which was very productive, and I love the new place, but I did my back in building things and unpacking box after box. I can't wait to see how we are going to decorate the place throughout the years!

Next I started weekly/weekend vlogging, next to now having business cards for my blog! Seeing as I am determined to take blogging to the next level as well as YouTube is one of my new year goals, it's certainly looking up, as I also now have a ring light for indoor blog pictures and YouTube videos - definitely handy to have during the darker days and evenings.

My first weekend vlog involved some photo shoots in minus one degree weather, making a cat house out of cardboard boxes that looked more like a barn hahaa! Then a bit of cooking with my boyfriend. You can find the link to my YouTube at the bottom of this page.

January ment not spending as much and find ways to save or even make money, so I was at work at least 4 days every week or more. Me and my boyfriend also tried to find things to do throughout the month that didn't cost money but was creative. As we are trying to save money for our holiday to Austria in April.

It's mainly been a month of planning and scheduling things for London a fair few times, it was supposed to be twice in February, but due to the tube strike, I only made it once to see some blogger friends and for a hair appointment with Syoss which got cancelled and moved the date, which I couldn't attend to in the end due to work.

Anyway, as long of a month it's been, it's been very productive! Oh, I forgot to mention I did a day of looking through charity shops with my best friend, but we ended up only finding about one or two things each and ended up in Primark and if you saw my Unicorn Primark Haul here you'll see the damage hahaa!

Hope you liked this January round up and let me know if this is something you'd read again in the comments below! Thanks for reading guys and girls!

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