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Thursday 6 April 2017

Food | Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder Review

Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder

Okay, by no means am I vegan guys. I've been to a vegan resturant and tried vegan food. I've actually tried so many different vegan type of foods, yet, I just haven't got a taste for it. Sorry to you guys out there that are vegan or on plant based diets, I just can't see how you do it! Well done to sticking to the healthy stuff, but I'll stick with my crisps hahaa. If you follow me on Instagram, you would of seen  that I tried this powder out and gave you my honest opinion on the product mixed into a smoothie with a banana and mango juice. Bearing in mind this was rather spontaneous, so I really didn't know what to expect.

When I first opened the packet and saw it was a dark green powder, I was like, woah...You know when you have that feeling before you try something you just know your not gonna like it. Let's be honest, I am one of those people who is really fussy with their food, right down to how it's presented on the plate. Food has to be separate to each other and not mixed when it comes to meals. Smoothies are fine for me though. But when I first mixed this powder with the banana and mango juice, it just made the mix look so weird. Although the product is actually really good for you with the likes of wheat grass and a fair few other grasses and the fact it's organic, is pretty good for your insides and probably your skin too, but flavour is everything to me. When I first had a smell of the powder it sort of smelt chocolatey, so I wasn't too scared of trying it, then I tried it mixed with the other things and it was such a peculiar flavour...Really hard to describe, but it just was not for me.

Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder
*Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder

If your vegan and like this sort of thing, then this would be great for you, but for someone that isn't the healthiest when it comes to trying organic stuff, your not gonna always get a good result. So my overall opinion on this would be, if I saw it in a shop, I wouldn't even think of picking it up, as it's just not my sort of thing, nor my type of powder to mix with other foods. If your vegan or a health fanatic, you go for it and try this out! I'll just stick with my crisps hahaa!

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  1. I personally am not Vegan, but I know somebody that would absolutely love this; this post has been bookmarked! x
    lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

  2. Exciting Isobel!