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Monday 1 May 2017

Advice | 4 Things That Help Me Relax

OPI Nail Varnish

Waheyyy! Another Bank Holiday! Seeing as April has been a pretty busy month for me, I thought I would start may off with a little relaxation post filled with all the things that relax me. Relaxing is something we all need every now and again, or we'll burn ourselves out - something I'm guilty of as I do this quite often, so I try to take some time out of the day for myself to just chill. So here are some things I like to do to relax and have some me time.

OPI Nail Varnish

1. Paint my nails

There's just something satisfyingly pleasing about painting my nails. I just really enjoy picking out a colour and spending the time concentrating on shaping my nails to make them healthy looking again, as mine snap and break a lot due to how flimsy they are from me constantly washing my hands at and the activities I'm involved with at work. So I like to take the time to give my nails a good pampering and make them look pretty again.

the girl on the train book

2. Read a book

I really don't do this often enough, so I set myself a goal to read a book a month, or at least 5-10 pages a day so I at least give myself that small target to achieve each day. I also try to give myself half an hour before I go to bed, dedicated to just reading my book to relax my brain and get ready to switch off and sleep. It helps that I turn my phone and iPod off half and hour before I go to bed and put them at the opposite side of the room.

calming colouring book

3. Therapy Colouring

This is really good to do at the end of the day, and it makes you concentrate and just release the stress within you or think about things. I tend to do this whilst watching YouTube or watching Netflix, but not very often. I also packed this book and a pencil case full of pens for my journey through France and Germany to Austria. I was so excited to just relax, as travelling, for me, is the best way for me to just relax and be stress free. It also gives me time to reflect on things and what I appreciate in life.

OPI Nail Varnish

4. Have a bath

Obviously it has to be a lush bath or a bath filled with bubbles and bath salts! I give myself a good 15-30 minutes to fully relax before fully pampering myself with a face mask, cleansing my skin, moisturising my full body and then painting and shaping my nails. I more of a bubble bar person when it comes to lush, even though I love their bath bombs, bubble baths will always be my favourite!

Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope you liked this post and go away planning to relax for yourself, especially on a Bank Holiday evening there's no excuse to give yourself some time out! Hope you've had a lovely day!