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Thursday 27 April 2017

Hair | Natural World Argan Oil Of Morocco Range Review

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil Range

I've tried many shampoo and conditioners in my life, but none that compare to these! Let's start off with how this brands products are free from parabens, phosphates, dyes, gluten and phthalates. Now how natural is that?! I've been really into natural products lately, so being able to try a hair care brand that is natural, is perfect timing!

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil Range

How freaking huge are these bottles though?! I spotted this exact size in Tesco for only £6! Considering how it's a 1 litre bottle filled with goodness for your hair, that's gonna last a pretty long time if you ask me! Not only does this stuff smell good, it does good! The first time I tried this was using the sample size bottle as it's the only thing I had with me when I was at my boyfriends house after a day cosplaying at Comic Con. So, you can image me having pink and blue hair and only having this little bottle with me. I didn't actually think it would get it all out so quick and restore the moisture within my hair, but bloody hell, this stuff is a miracle worker! It not only cleansed all the pink and blue out, but restored my hair to a healthy state it's not been in for months! I definitely put this shampoo to the test with this challenge, and it certainly passed with an added bonus!

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil Range

This conditioner...Ooooo I just LOVE the smell of this! Especially with the treatment oil I'll tell you about in a minute, as I experimented it in 3 different ways. This conditioner left my hair so healthy, silky and soft! No other conditioner has made it this rich and healthy looking! I've tried the likes of Lee Stafford, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, and these brands are all brilliant, but for different things. This hair care brand range has completely restored my hair to the healthiness I've always wanted it to be at. The only thing I would change, or would advise the brand to do next, is this range, but a volumising set! Now that's something I'd definitely try out!

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil Range

Bearing in mind, I rarely use hair treatment oils, as I'm scared of getting greasy hair - HATE IT. But, this product actually blew me away with how silky it made my hair. The smell...OMG THE SMELL! It's so rich but in a nice sort of way, especially once I've dried it, put it up for a while and then let me hair down, you get the release of such a natural, but beautiful smell coming from your hair!
Now, there's 3 different ways to use this treatment oil, and I've tried them all out, and definitely feel that mixing this oil in with your conditioner is the best way for silky, beautiful smelling hair! I tried using it after I blow dried my hair, although it makes it nice and shiny, it just doesn't do as well as when I mix it with the conditioner, it just works better when mixed and then washed out. The last way of using it was before shampooing, and jeez was this a mistake or scalp felt so greasy...but you couldn't see it was greasy until day 2 of my dry hair. I definitely won't be using it any other way than mixing it with the conditioner, as that's the way I got the best results out of this product.

Either way, I LOVE this range! I will definitely be repurchasing this set or maybe try out their other ranges when these massive bottles eventually run out. Thanks for reading. You can find the entire Argan Oil Of Morocco Range down below. Have browse through their site to see what other awesome natural ranges they have too.

*Natural World Argan Oil Of Morocco Range

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