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Monday, 15 May 2017

Beauty | Favourite OPI Nail Colours

OPI Nail Varnish

It's rare I get to put colour on my nails, but when I do, I tend to reach for these cute little miniature pots of OPI nail varnish. I got these for Christmas and was so pleased with them, as I've always heard such great things about OPI, especially from Becky Bedbug, so I was so happy to own some in my life (finally)! Especially the pink colours now it's spring/summer. The nudes are also great to wear to work, as they look quite natural.

OPI Nail Varnish
OPI Nail Varnish

The good thing about the size of these pots, is they're good for travelling. Also, every single shade is really pigmented! Chipping and lasting wise with just one coat isn't good, but bearing in mind I wash my hands a lot so my nails chip quite easily anyway. I much prefer glue on nails, especially from Primark, but these pots are great for a quick lick of paint on your nails before heading out somewhere.

OPI Nail Varnish
OPI Nail Varnish

I've tried numerous amounts of different brands of nail varnishes, but OPI seems to have the best formula for my nails, as they don't chip as fast as the other nail brands I've used before. I love Model's Own and Barry M, but they don't last as long unless I've painted them on my toes - why is it your toes nail varnish always last longer than your finger nails?! Your toes go through a lot too hahaa. Anyway, so I need to add more OPI colours to my nail varnish collection, as I'm sure I have a little bit of room for a few more! Also, I honestly don't know the names of the shades, as the pots don't have anything but the brand logo on them! Sorry for those that are wondering! They just came in a little x10 gift set!

What's your favourite nail varnish brand?


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  1. I love the shades of these colors, especially the pale pinks!


    North + South + Navy

  2. I always have to have color on my nails but usually get gel done. My favorite is OPI going my way or Norway! Such a good nude.