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Friday 19 May 2017

Lifestyle | What Happened In April


April was a brilliant month when I look back at it. Before we get on to the main event of what April was for me, travelling to Austria with my best friends of course. But firstly, I go to go and see Mrs Brown's Boys Live with my best friend Stacie which was brilliant! Found it pretty funny, but I haven't laugh that much at a show since seeing Jack Whitehall in February, nothing will beat how funny that show was! I've watched Mrs Brown's Boy for years, so it was brilliant to get tickets to the show!

Next up, I had a night out with a couple of friends and had a pretty funny night, and it certainly was memorable! I was once again mainly at work this month, but these 2 bar the holiday that I'm about to tell you about, was a pretty quiet month when it comes to memorable things. Let's get onto how Austria was!

Firstly, I could not ask for a better group of friends to go travelling with, my boyfriend Reiss, Sophie my best friend and her boyfriend Sam. This holiday was not only full of some amazingly brilliant memories that I will cherish forever and never forget, but it's brought us all closer together and made our friendships worth so much more! We got up to so much whilst we were there, a guided tour around Klagenfurt - that we actually ditched as it was terribly boring, so we got a map and went off doing our own thing around the shops. Never did I know German and Austrian people loved Unicorns so much?! I was literally in Unicorn heaven in some stages. Obviously, I came back with a hell of a load of unicorn things. They called unicorns Einhorns over there which was different.

We also visited a monkey zoo up in the mountains, despite how cold we were, it was definitely worth going to see! The cute baby monkeys and being so close to the monkeys you could almost touch them - but I wouldn't do that if I were you as they'd probably go for you!

One of the days whilst we were there, we had a chill out day, just wondering the local area and grabbing a pizza in a local restaurant. Reiss decided to come up with the idea of jumping in the Ossiach See - lake to us English - and I obviously recorded it, which you can see over on my YouTube in my Austria Road Trip vlog, all links at the bottom of this post.

Our final day was travelling to different small towns of Spittal, Gmunden and Villach. Spittal was where we stopped in different food stores to stock up on treats for the journey back home the next day and a very long trek to McDonald' thigh high did I regret that and wish I wore my converse that day...Anyway, we then ventured into a small village of Gmunden and relaxed on a sun bed for a while just soaking in the warm sun that we finally had, as the other days in Austria it was quite cold. Finally we travelled up to Villach and ate the local ice cream which was delicious! I had mint flavour - one of my favourites!

This was my 2nd coach trip with a company called Harry Shaw, and myself and my friends said they would do it again, as you see so much more than just jumping on a plane somewhere. Okay, it takes a lot longer, but you make so many more memories, experience more, learn more. You need to at least try it once in your life! I honestly love it and I've been on a plane before and love that too, but I love these road trips through different countries! We travelled by ferry, drove through France, Germany and Austria! The amount of places you stop for food too! You get to try so many different foods too! Definitely try a coach trip abroad! I'm booking another 2 for this year!

I also took a trip up to Skegness to help my grandparents out with their new place. So that was a weekend full of hard work and lots of DIY. But even so, I may have been working, it was so nice to see them again, as they live quite far away, I don't get to see them often. I cherish every moment I get with them, as I honestly love my grandparents. Never take your family for granted, as no one lives forever.

So to conclude this monthly recap, I honestly had THE best time away and realised how amazing friends can be. Hope your having an awesome time where ever your reading this! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Absolutely loved this post - I'd never had the idea to get a coach on holiday before, but I can imagine the actual journey being an adventure as well as the holiday, which sounds awesome! You sound like you had an amazing time - and it's so sweet that it brought you all together :) xx