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Thursday 25 May 2017

Hair | Schwarzkopf LIVE Pastel Sprays Review

Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Pastel Sprays

Something I've always wanted to do was have rainbow hair...but my job doesn't quite allow coloured hair as bright as that. So I thought, why not try it out through mixing all the colours from Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Pastel Sprays collection to create my own temporary version of the rainbow hair I always wanted. But, I have a nosey around Pinterest and found a fair few styles that had half the head rainbow like in the picture of how my hair turned out above.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Pastel Sprays
Schwarzkopf LIVE Pastel Sprays

It was quite an easy job to do when you have someone else spraying the temporary colour on for you, in this case Reiss did it for me and covered the white, yes WHITE bathroom rug into a pastel rainbow on the floor...oops...sorry Mum...But anyway, the consistency of the sprays was very runny, as I expected from being at the Live Colour Club event last summer. But it can get very messy when you do have a go at this. The colours are brilliant for a bit adding a bit of fun colour to your hair for the weekend, special occasion or whenever really! I honestly LOVE these sprays, as for a blonde gal, they worked pretty well on my hair!

Schwarzkopf LIVE Pastel Sprays

I used all the colours in the collection including the green shade that I hadn't got at the point of me photographing these sprays, but I picked it up for £3.50 in Primark! Bargain! Anyway, I split my hair in hair from my ears to near the top of my head at the back, used clips to section small parts of my hair to spray different colours, used an old dressing gown and towel, gloves provided, and off we went. Once we sprayed all the sections I desired, I left it for a few minutes before blow drying it with my hair dryer and a tangle teezer and there you have it! Half a head of temporary rainbow hair! I will definitely be trying this out again in different ways, that's for sure!

*Cotton Candy Live Pastel Spray
*Icy Blue Live Pastel Spray
*Apricot Sunrise Live Pastel Spray

Have you ever used these sprays before? What hair colours have you been?

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  1. Oh wow, I would love to try this product!

  2. So glad it worked for you. A friend of mine with bleached blond hair got both the spray and the hair dye and they didn't work for her.

    1. Yeaa I just sprayed it on left it a bit then dried it. You don't wash the sprays straight out :)