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Thursday 1 June 2017

Travel | 9 Things You Need To Know About Travelling To Austria


Austria is filled with such wonderful surprises, especially beautiful views on the mountains and lakes. I'm going to take you through some of the things you need to know if you're planning on travelling to Austria.

1. Not everyone knows English

Pretty obvious one here, so maybe try out a language learning app like I did with Flash Academy. Or even take along a German phrases book to help you out if you learn better though reading.

2. Exchange rate

Make sure you know the exchange rate for euros, as Austria can get quite expensive if you are watching what you spend. Some things are cheap, some are really not. Just make sure you know your exchange rate and figure out how much your really spending on each item. Luckily I found a really good exchange rate before I left England, so definitely shop around for your euros too!


3. Explore

Explore as many different places as you can. One of the days whilst I was there, I wandered around the local area to see what I could find. It was a beautiful but chilly day, but I explored a church and it's grounds, the local shop, the pizza restaurant they had - not gonna lie, it was pretty good stone baked pizza! I also sat by a beautiful waterfall shaped like a harp, surrounded by flowers, as well as a breath-taking view of the mountains behind it. It was a beautiful area to just sit and reflect on life. I found it a great opportunity to see what else the area had to offer, like a mini golf course, a ferry to take you to the other side of the lake (when in season), a fish restaurant and some stunning buildings and surroundings.


4. Different Towns/Cities

Explore different towns and cities, especially if you love to photograph or learn about architecture. there's loads of different things to see. We explored Klagenfurt which was full of architecture and all sorts of shops - especially full of unicorn things! We explored a small town called Spittal where we took an extremely long walk just to get to McDonalds. Along the way, we stopped in different shops stocking up on all the good German and Austrian food! Especially in one of their supermarkets out there called Billa.

Next was Gmunden, where there was a couple of shops, but mainly stunning houses, statues, a church and a castle. Also a porsche museum which the boys were quite interested in, especially Reiss - giving me a full description of what's behind a break disc hehee! It was a very quite village but with stunning views and also a castle. Finally we visited Villach that was a big city full of shops and really tasty ice cream!


5. Try all the food

Definitely try the local food or different Austrian dishes. We tried their clear beef soup, which I really want again, it was SO good! We tried their potatoes, pork and gravy, which had to be the best dish of the holiday, seeing as when we were out for the day, the majority of food that we ate was McDonald's, Burger King or just chips and junk food. I tell you what though, the Austrians LOVE, and I mean seriously love is potatoes! They even have them for pudding! Trust me I've tried it! They boil them and roll them in sugar and poppy seeds...they honestly look like slugs...gross. Tastes horrible. At least I tried it though, never again hahaa!


6. Don't always travel by plane

I went with a coach company, this is the second time I've done it with a company named Harry Shaw. I went to Italy last year and loved it. During travelling to Austria, we drove down to Dover Docks, ferry to Calais, drove through France to our overnight hotel, then the next day drove through Germany, through to Austria to our hotel. The thing with driving there, you see so much more and you get to try all sorts of different foods, you learn more about the countries you travel through too! One thing you mustn't forget is a pillow, earphones and things to keep you occupied.


7. Local activities

Don't be afraid to ask what there is to do or see in the local area. We found a monkey zoo in the mountains which was a brilliant experience! Seeing the cute little baby monkey's made me and Reiss want to go to more zoo's when we got back to the UK. I grew up loving animals, so visiting a monkey zoo was such a nice experience, being able to walk so close to them too.


8. Alcohol

Omg...Please try the local wine. Especially this wine called Hugo. We love it that much we had 3 litres between the four of us one night! Reiss definitely loved it hahahaa! The beer isn't that nice, but their wine and prosecco is very nice!


9. Pack for all weathers

That being for winter and summer. As for a few days it was in the minus temperatures, the next it was boiling hot! So definitely take a variety of scarves, sandals, coats and maybe even shorts! Just remember to check the weather forecast as well as you really need to be prepared!

I would definitely recommend anyone who loves to travel to different places and doesn't just love a hot country where you sunbathe all the time and wants adventure, Austria is definitely the one for that! Thanks for reading!


  1. This is such useful tips for not only Austria but for places in Europe. I never thought about travelling to Austria other than a plane but like you say, when you go by a different transport you can explore and see much more than you would via plane. I love this!!

  2. I agree, this post is so useful for other places in Europe as well as Austria! But I'm not gonna lie, you've made me really want to visit Austria now!

  3. Sounds like you had the best time there! I also totally agree on the trying local foods part! xxx

  4. You should totally make a series out of this for all the places you travel too! It's so handy!
    Also a monkey zoo sounds so amazing!

    1. Ooo I might do that then! I did the same for Ibiza but the best places to go to :)

  5. Bellissimo questo posto, sarà la mia prossima meta.