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Monday 5 June 2017

Beauty | Regenerate Toothpaste Review

Regenerate Toothpaste
Regenerate Toothpaste
*Regenerate Toothpaste
Oral B Toothbrush

For the last 2 months I've been trying out this toothpaste, and at first, the taste and formula was definitely not something I liked. With the slight grittiness to the paste, and the non minty flavour, myself and Reiss were not a fan. But, considering how long I've been using it, I have noticed a difference in my teeth compared to the toothpaste I used before by Colgate, my teeth actually look a hell of a lot cleaner and whiter considering what other brands say they can do to your teeth. But this one has actually amazed me a little bit.

The after taste is actually minty, but it's odd when your brushing your teeth as it hardly tastes minty at all, so at least this toothpaste gives you minty breath, but not as much as an airwaves chewing gum does. I said in my Blogger Mail Haul video here about the price of this toothpaste and would not of bought this myself, but now I've tried it, I would actually consider buying this toothpaste again, considering my results with it. I much prefer this to Colgate toothpaste for definite! So if your looking for a more luxurious toothpaste with better benefits, then definitely give this a try!

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  1. Lovely, honest review. Good work, lovely one 💜

  2. I need to change up my toothpaste so bad! I've been using Colgate pretty much my whole life haha! I'm definitively going to check this out 💛

  3. Toothpaste really is some of those products one doesn't think about too much normally, isn't it? Also love how honest your review is! xxx

    1. Thanks so much Yella! It's definitely something we all should really think about! As you always look into what you cleanse your face with, so why should it be different with our teeth?x

  4. Im currently using the same toothbrush and same toothpaste and they are both so good. I prefer that it doesn't have a tangy taste but a minty taste after

  5. Love the post! I'm definitely going to check this toothpaste out!