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Thursday 22 June 2017

Travel | Where I Plan On Travelling To Next

Lake Ossiach

The amount of places I've saved to my Pinterest boards 'Places To Travel To'. Literally the list is endless, but it's about time I wrote a blog post on where I'd like to travel to next.

First off, I've always want to head down to Brighton for a weekend or a day trip. This is something I'm currently planning, possibly a day trip. I'd love to head down to the Lanes, Brighton Pier and maybe check out a few bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as the shops of course!

My next destination this year, is Scotland, up in the highlands, I'd love to go to Edinburgh and obviously the Loch Ness! Edinburgh us my main city to see in Scotland, as I've heard it is a very beautiful city to stay in, as well as explore.

I've heard a lot about Bath this year on a few bloggers Instagrams and blogs. It honestly looks like such a stunning and historic place! I might actually plan to go there for a weekend in the summer, maybe next year though as I have a fair few plans for travelling this year!

I've already booked to go to Disneyland Paris with two of my best friends for a weekend in August that we are all very excited for and are staying in the Toy Story themed hotel called the Cheyenne. Let me know if you've ever been and what you can recommend!

Other plans I would like to do is, go to Germany to see Cologne & Rhine and of course see my friend Yella - check out her blog here, Amsterdam would be amazing to go and travel to for a few days as that was the plan this year, but maybe next year! I also would like to go to Ibiza again, as I went last year, but I'd love to stay at the Ibiza Rocks hotel at some point!

If you love to travel and want some new ideas of places to travel to, check out my Pinterest as I'm always looking at travel places as well as loads of other topics on Pinterest, I could spend hours on that app!

Thanks for reading! Where are yo travelled before and where are you travelling on going to in the future?


  1. Brighton is such a great weekend break idea! I did it last weekend and it was perfect thanks to this crazy hot weather. A visit to The Lanes is an absolute must

    Matt //

  2. Have to tell me how disneyland paris goes!

  3. I'd also love to go to Bath! I'm so jealous you're going to Disneyland, it's my favourite🙊 hope you have an amazing time! X

  4. Isobel I have been to Disneyland so many times I keep going back because it's so amazing!! DM me anytime if you want any tips on places to eat etc! xx