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Thursday 20 July 2017

Lifestyle | Blogosphere Favourites

Time for some blogosphere love!

Here's a few blog posts I've been loving lately!

This post is SO helpful! I didn't know anything about domain authority nor did I know it existed, until I checked what mine was on a website called Moz. Such a helpful blog post from a girl that is so progressive, amazing and a beautiful human being, absolute love this girl!

Jasmine Talks Beauty - Sponsored Content

This post was another helpful post for those of us that struggle with this sort of thing, Jasmine's blog is mainly about beauty, but she can't half put together an amazing advice post every once in a while!

Yaasss my girl! Love Melissa and her brilliant saving tips! She recently traveled for like 4 months and I'm so jealous as she visited Iceland and I love that place! Anyway, getting to the point of why I love this post so much is, I love saving money, and any more tips I can get are a bonus! Definitely one for you if your in this situation of wanting to save money but Primark keeps bring out new bargains and you can't stop throwing them in your basket!

Hello Miss Jordan - I Love Blue Frills

Your everyday princess style you can never get enough of from this girl! Absolutely love her style, she has such a ladylike, elegant but fun personal style, and this one in this fashion post of hers is BEAUTIFUL! I honestly need those trousers in my life ASAP!

This lady's style is always AMAZING! I've followed her for years and love literally every outfit she creates! Shout out to this wonderful woman!

This girl's blog never fails to make me keep coming back for more! So happy for her now she's got her house! Loved the whole month of Kiehl's she did too! Definitely a blog you should check out!

I have SO many other blogs and posts that I love, but maybe in another post as I don't want you guys to get bored! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have making this! Have you read these guys blogs before or ever heard of them? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. You girl are just so amazing, thank you for featuring me in this! I also second every other blogger you mentioned, they're incredible and actually being featured in the same list is crazy! ��

    - Melissa

  2. I will absolutely check them out! Very stylish indeed!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Love Atlantic Pacific too - such great style!