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Thursday 27 July 2017

Hair | Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil Review

Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil
*Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil

I don't tend to use these type of oil that often, but this one I've been reaching for in the shower quite often lately...

I was recommended to shampoo my hair first before using this product then leaving it on the lengths of my hair whilst relaxing in the bath as the hot steam helps the oil work better, but knowing my hair so well, I knew that it'd end up greasy within my hair once washed out. So, I decided to mix this oil with my conditioner, and what do you know! It made my hair so silky and soft! Definitely recommend trying this little gem out, maybe test it out in the way suggested and see how it goes, but I definitely prefer it mixed within my conditioner for sure!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever tried this before?

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