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Thursday 3 August 2017

Lifestyle | What Happened In July

Isobel Celine
Isobel Celine
Typical us photo right here of me and my friends. Always doing something stupidly hilarious...

Looks who's pretty much on time for what happened in July! THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! July started off with a quick nosey around a vintage sale where you can buy a kilo of vintage clothes for £15. Unfortunately, me and Sophie didn't find one thing we liked or found that was our style. So obviously, we ventured to Primark and spent our money in there, and I maybe, kinda bought more rose gold wired baskets...oops...#OBSESSED
After our shopping spree and a quick McDonald's that I regretted eating halfway through, we had a nice swim in our local swimming baths. That same weekend I announced my giveaway winner for the British Style Collective Show.

At the start of July, I did a lot of painting and DIY as you may of read in What Happened In June that I moved out and into my Dad's. So my before and after room video will be VERY different, but either way I'll still be posting it as soon as it's done!

I attended a festival. Godiva Festival to be exact. A free festival held every year at Memorial Park Coventry and we were lucky enough to see Example, and the crowd was INSANE! Absolutely loved that night, as well as us all hitting the town to dance the night away of course with added alcohol.

July was the month of my 20th Birthday, and I had a brilliant day out with my favourite people at Twycross Zoo, my favourite animals were the parakeets! They were so beautiful and you go to get really close to them in this big enclosure that you could walk through. They were literally flying rainbows - now that's my type of bird! Afterwards we headed to this really nice posh pub called Turpins and friend recommended to me, and obviously had a glass of Prosecco as of the special occasion. There's my friend Stacie buying a whole bottle of Rose for herself ahahaa!
The day finished with spaghetti and meatballs at Frankie & Benny's (obviously because Italian food is may faveee, next to Indian food!). Honestly should of ate at Turpins, but maybe next time!

I honestly had a lovely day and was treated to some beautiful gifts! There will be a vlog all on this day! So head to my YouTube channel to see that when it's up!

Another thing that happened in July was my birthday house party...Wow, that was a mess including lots of alcohol, glitter, pink hair spray and silly string hehee!

We all went to the Sealife Centre which I vlogged which you will see on my YouTube soon! We had a fab time there then headed to CEX for me to buy Battlefield 1 for the Xbox One. Then as we were waiting for a few of the boys to return some guy with a spliff came over and started to talk to use about lucozade...OKAY THEN MATE. BYE. You get some really odd people in Birmingham so be careful if your ever there by the way! We also (of course) booked a table for 8 of us at the Cosy Club in Birmingham which I'd never been to before and it's not the best compared to the one in Coventry except the interior is a lot fancier. We all had a brilliant day and our next day out for all 9 of us is going to be Rush Trampoline Park again but some of our friends haven't been before so that should be fun again! I vlogged my first trip so you can find that on my YouTube too!

That concludes what happened in this month! What have you enjoyed during July?