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Monday 31 July 2017

Lifestyle | Favourite Youtubers

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I'm loving these types of posts lately! I did a favourite bloggers on here if you want to read that. I'm hating this silly algorithm thing that's going on with YouTube & Instagram. Does the industry not want us smaller people (literally) to grow or something? Anyway, I'm creating this post to shout out some big and small YouTubers I've been watching and liking lately.

Lydia E Millen - Absolute inspiration to women of all ages! She has some seriously beautiful clothes, amazing designer style, she's so down to earth, open and honest in all her videos and honestly is a pleasure to watch and follow her on social media platforms. Definitely give her a sub and watch some of her videos if you love daily vlogs, travel, designer wear and a good laugh every once in a while!

Jaide Poppy - I've had the pleasure of meeting this fab woman and she is one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers to follow. She has a certain diet she has to stick to due to medical reasons and I completely respect that! But she makes and creates some amazing vegan/gluten free recipes as well as being that lovely supportive person you feel you've been friends with for years. Just love this girl!

Charlotte Hole - You must be sick of how much I mention Charlotte, she is just so creative, lovely, down to earth and just an overall amazing inspirational human being! She's travelled to so many different places and probably has loads of stamps in her passport. Charlotte is just so inspiring from her style, creativity, personality, thoughts and right down to the way she edits her videos. She's just one person that I always feel inspired by in this massive community.

Beth Carney - Honestly the sweetest girl with such a cut voice! I love how she does her make up the most and how honest she is about things, especially for reviews on products. Beth is also such a supportive person within the blogosphere!

InTheFrow - Victoria has been one that I've followed for at least 3 years now, ever since she had purple hair with 90k subscribers! I've loved watching her transition through life as a successful young woman. She's such an inspiration to all ages and is the sweetest person to watch, especially with her recent weekly vlogs. I love watching her and her boyfriend Alex's adventures so much! Find his channel here.

Charlie Friend - My gosh this girl is strong! Absolutely love what she's accomplished. Firstly she ran the London marathon, got a nose and boob job at the same time and looks amazing! She honestly makes me laugh so much in her videos too. I've met her at an event before, that's how I found her channel, and honestly, just check out her channel, she's so funny, honest and just English if that makes sense? As in her humour!

That's it for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully have found a new youtuber you would like to watch. What's your most inspirational youtuber?


  1. Ahhh no way!! I can't believe you've included me in this list with some amazing YouTubers!! Thank you so so much!💕