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Monday 18 September 2017

Lifestyle | What I'm Currently Obsessed With

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I go through these stages of being obsessed with different things so I thought I'd share them with you all...

M & S Percy Pig Sweets

I used to love getting there little piggy sweets from my Grandma when I was a kid. I love to eat them bit by bit so that they last longer, you know, the same as how you nibble all the chocolate off a kit kat bar then the wafer? The reason why I'm obsessed with them is they were a childhood favourite. A new mini M&S shop has opened up near where I work, so it's an excuse to get them so I have change for the bus home hahaa!


I'm obsessed with doing different designs on myself all over my body with henna/mehendi. I've got a whole board on pinterest full of different designs I like and have drawn on myself. I can't just do one tattoo, I end up covering myself with it! Especially big ones on my thighs!


There's just something about this film I adore and feel so inspired by. I honestly now know every lyric to every song in the film - no shame! I just love how different her character is compared to the usual Disney princess they normally add into Disney films. I honestly and just obsessed with this film lately!

Booking holidays

I'm wanting to continuously book holidays lately. Especially to Tenerife for next year. Hopefully we'll be going as me and Reiss are dying to go to Siam Park! I also want to book a trip to Germany as I miss it so much! Also dying to see Yella! So Germany and Tenerife are (hopefully) the plans for 2018. Scotland is the last trip as far as I'm aware for this year!

Keeping things tidy

I've always been OCD, but lately I've just been keeping things so clean and tidy! There's hardly any mess anywhere, especially when I have a day at home!

Saving money

I like to treat myself every now and again, but I'm obsessed with finding ways to save money lately, as each year I set a higher goal of how much money I want to save, and it's looking good so far! More money for travelling!


Seeing as the autumn season is on it's way, the blackberries are starting to ripen - as well as die out now, which is strange for this time of year! Anyway, so I've been getting boxes of them lately and putting them in fruit salads, making elderberry and blackberry cordial, as well as (MY FAVE) apple and blackberry crumble - my fave! I've also been all over Pinterest looking for different recipes like blackberry jam, muffins, pies and crumble bars! I just want to get my baking mojo back on, as I used to cook and bake a lot as a kid. New obsession right here!

What have you been loving or been obsessed with lately?

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