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Thursday 21 September 2017

Travel | Best Places To Visit & Things To Do In Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

There's honestly SO much you can do at Disneyland Paris! We only had a day there and it wasn't enough. I could of spent a fortune there if I could!

Disneyland Paris

Starting off with the rides.

Hyperspace Mountain

As I said in my Disneyland Paris Vlog, one of the best rides I've ever been on! It's super fast, goes vertically in some parts and is so long and well designed! Definitely put this at the top of your list if you go in the park!

Crush's Coaster

We waited a whole hour to get on this ride...AN HOUR! But it was SO worth it, as it was so fun! With all the twists and turns, as well as the speed of it! Not something you would of expected either, definitely go on it!

Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast

This was so fun! Your in a cart going through the ride shooting different neon targets to see how high a score you can get. It was even more fun with the fact you could turn your cart around too with the controls!

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Disney Castle

One of THE best places for that perfect insta pic for the gram! We got there early as we had 2 extra hours in the park with our passes so there wasn't as many people around when we were getting our shots.

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

If you want a vintage, classy, marble interior ice cream parlour, this is one of the best places I found! Not only for the Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but for a really cute insta snap of the cute pots and marble tables and cute interior.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Disney Parade

You cannot miss this! One of the most amazing things there! It started at 5:30pm (French time) and you have to see it! The designs to the floats were so well designed and built! You can see them in their full glory in my Disneyland Paris Vlog!

Disney Illuminations

DO NOT MISS THIS!! This had to be the highlight of the whole time we were there! It's full of flashing lights, fireworks, singing, projections from different Disney films, music, water flying everywhere. It's just insane! You have to just see it in person to believe it, it's just so magical!

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

You can see my Disneyland Paris Vlog on my YouTube to see how amazing it was for yourself! Let me know if you've ever been and what you would recommend for when we go back there again!


  1. Great post, love Disnelyland! I waited for 2 hours for Crush's Coaster and honestly it was too scary for me! Loved Hyperspace Mountain and Thunder Mountain though! Disney Illuminations show was pure magic! :)

    1. Omg wasn’t it just! 2hours?! Jeez that’s way too long!

  2. I've been to Disneyland Paris once in year 9 and I loved it! I would love to go back and experience it all again. My favourite ride was Space Mountain, I just kept going on that because I found it so amazing haha. I also loved walking around the castle, so stunning! x