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Thursday 5 October 2017

Travel | Best Places To Visit In Brighton


Not long ago, myself and my friend Chelsey went for a day trip to Brighton, we were given some recommendations and found some other plans we wanted to go to. These may not be the best places to visit in Brighton, but they've definitely worth the visit.


Brighton Pier

I never realised how big this pier was until I saw it in person! Firstly, I didn't know that there used to be an old one that is now in ruins that was closed in 1975! But anyways, the pier was filled with souvenir shops, fish and chip shops, donuts, sweet treats and a fair ground! It was a great attraction to see! But I was a bit scared of falling through the planks of wood. Either way, you have to have a nosy along it if you get the chance.


Sealife Centre Brighton

This place was huge inside! You could go in a glass bottom boat and sail across a massive tank filled with sharks, turtle's, sting rays and all types of fish! Which there was also a tunnel you could walk through and see all the creatures in too. You should of seen how one of the halls was like - a rainbow! Definitely check this place out! It's right on the seafront in Brighton opposite the pier.


Boho Gelato

I read and was told about this little ice cream shop! And I'm so glad I went! I had to mint chocolate chip flavoured ice cream and it was so good and it was so so good and tasty - craving one now while I'm writing this! They have loads of different flavours! Seriously guys, you have to check it out!

Brighton Royal Pavilion
Brighton Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion

This place is one hell of an amazingly designed and well kept building! It's surrounded by beautiful gardens and scenery. Unfortunately, your not allowed to stand on the building as the alarms go off, and guess who set them off just for an insta pic? Me. Of course hahaa! This building is definitely worth the visit just for pictures!


Choccy Woccy Doo Dah

We wandered into this place so we could have a nice slice of their famous cake, but we didn't want to eat in there in the end as it was way too hot for it. Next time though I would definitely grab something to eat in there as I've been recommended it so many times now! It's even worth going in there to see what they can make out of chocolate!


Whilst I was there, we had chips on the beach from Big Fish Trading Co. It came in a cute box which made it so much easier to carry and eat out of! Definitely take some chill time on the beach too!

Where would you recommend to visit in Brighton? Have you been to Brighton before?


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