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Monday 2 October 2017

Advice | Getting My Positivity Back

pink rose

Life gets tough at times, I sure we all know that, but it always turns out okay in the end.

I've been through a few rough patches in the last couple of months and really struggled with staying positive and trying not to be an emotional wreck every second of the day. Let's say moving house is hard, the same goes for life changes and new transitions, they can effect people in different ways. In my experience so far with my life changes, I've gone backwards with my anxiety, worry more, more sensitive and more emotional. The last couple of months have been an emotional roller coaster for me. But, I'm finally picking myself back up again and getting used to my new surroundings. I'm being more independent than I've ever been so far in my life, spending my time more wisely and not taking time for granted anymore, as I used to just hardly see or make time for my family, friends or boyfriend that much. I'm prioritising my time with blogging, YouTube and being on my social media platforms, for when I'm not with the people I love.

pink rose

I want to see what life has to offer, through my own eyes, not through a filtered Instagram picture. I want to enjoy life for the way that I want to. Not listen to what other people want or say I should do. If I want to travel, I will. If I want a tattoo, I'll get one. If I want to wear a pretty dress on a country walk, I will. I'm not letting someones opinions and thoughts stop me anymore! Positive attitudes will always win! We always have bad days, but we always pick ourselves back up again. Positive minds, positive attitude!

This also goes for social media - yes I'm mainly talking about Instagram here. The algorithm is doing my absolute head in, so I've decided to just post when and what I want and not stick to a theme or anything. It's my place in the Internet to post what I want, so I shall do just that. No matter about the silly algorithm that really needs to be scrapped all together!

Stay positive beautiful people, you can do it!


  1. I totally understand what you mean with social media! Instagram can definitely be an emotional roller coaster but I agree with you in just sticking to what YOU want to post and forgetting about the algorithm etc!! You are doing great babe keep it up!