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Thursday 25 January 2018

Beauty | Luvenesco Hydrating Cream Review

Luvenesco Hydrating Cream

I've definitely been loving skincare more and more lately! I've been trying out this Luvenesco Hydrating Cream for about 6 weeks now, and I've come to a conclusion it's about time I wrote a review up about this product.


It's very simplistic but on the classy side. The plastic it's made out of isn't the best, but if it keeps the product fresh and how it should be, it's all good!

Luvenesco Hydrating Cream

The Product Itself

This cream feels thick but it actually goes a long way with a tiny bit of it - covers your entire face. The smell of the product is what I love most. It has a gorgeous and fresh lemon like smell to it. It's filled with shea butter, which is always a good thing as shea butter is definitely good for moisturising your skin. I've been trying this product out for about 6-8 weeks now I think, and I would recommend it honestly - especially if your looking for a moisturising cream that you wouldn't find on the high street then definitely give this Hydrating Cream by Luvenesco a try.

Hydrating Cream Luvenesco*

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