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Monday 22 January 2018

Beauty | Nutrient Wise Vitamin D3 Spray Review

Nutrient Wise Vitamin D3 Spray

I've been really getting into trying new things when it comes to my skincare routine. Especially with different creams, serums and sprays. So my latest addition has been this; Nutrient Wise Vitamin D3 Spray. I love anything that will help get vitamins into my system - especially within my skin.

I mainly tend to use this spray at night or during a pamper night, as I've noticed from testing out this product, I can't use it too often or it will make my skin too oily and cause spots. So to prevent them and get the full benefit from the product I tend to use it at night, mainly every two days, as like I said, if I use it too often, my skin can break out. It definitely has been helping my skin, as you know when there's some kind of change in the way your skin looks. My skin just looks so much more healthy - must be the vitamins!

Nutrient Wise Vitamin D3 Spray

As for the packaging, colourful and eye catching, but the only problem I have with the product is the spray pump, it only sprays it out in one go, not like a spritzer action. I'd prefer to spray it over my face, but as you can't as you'll end up like I did when I first tried it hahaa! That's the only issue.

Oh! I forget to mention, it actually has a menthol like smell to the serum that's so refreshing! I love the smell of it! Don't worry, it doesn't make your face smell funny hahaa!

Nutrient Wise Vitamin D3 Spray

Have you tried this vitamin spray or anything similar?

Nutrient Wise D3 Spray*

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