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Thursday 4 January 2018

Lifestyle | 2017 Goals Recap


Happy New Year Everyone! I've decided to start the year off with a recap post on the goals I set myself for 2017 and what I did and didn't achieve. There will be a follow up post soon of my goals for 2018 which are slightly different to the goals I normally set myself.

Spending more quality time with loved ones

As I've had a lot of hard times this year, I've had to go through and learn a lot from what's happened. So quality time with the ones I love has happened as much as possible this year!

Think before I speak

Which I have and haven't achieved, as in some cases I've had to be brutally honest as of certain circumstances. So I know how and when to use this tactic. So it's a win win with this goal, because I've been put in situations where I make myself confident enough to be heard if I don't agree with something.

Use what I already have

I have and haven't been doing this throughout the year. So I've kind of achieved this. Mainly food, make up and (sort of) clothes in this cases.

Put more commitment into my blog & YouTube & stay organised with it

I've actually surprised myself on how well I've kept my content so updated throughout the year! With it being 2x blog posts and 1x video uploaded almost every week! By the way, I upload a new blog post every Monday & Thursday, as well as a video every Sunday at 5pm.

Experiment more

I've actually experimented quite a lot with my make up this year! With trying new make up, new styles in fashion as well as interior! I've loved doing this so I will definitely keep switching things up every now and again!

Grow stronger as a person

I have definitely achieved this big time! I've had some issues thrown at me this year, and they've only made me get back up and be a bigger, stronger and better person than I was before.

Be more creative

This goes hand in hand with experimenting more.

Save even more money

I've been on and off with this all year, but I have managed to save some money throughout 2017.

New diet & exercising plan

I started going the gym in January and loved it! But I stopped going in June as I moved area and the gym wasn't very close by. So I've hardly exercised except for doing loads of walking and dancing in the nightclub every weekend of December. My diet on the other hand isn't too bad, as I try not to eat too much greasy/oily foods as they just make me feel ill. So cutting out that sort of food really helps with how my body and mind feels.

My bucket list for the year was hardly achieved, the ones I achieved were:

  • Get a new job - which is in admin, which I'm SO happy about!
  • Switch up my hairstyle - which I chose to go light blonde which I just love!
So out of 10 changes, I've achieved 8 and a half! Then as for my bucket list, I've achieved only 3/4 out of 10! Let's hope I can achieve more in 2018, but I've achieved a lot either way during 2017.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. What did you achieve throughout 2017?

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