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Monday 8 January 2018

Lifestyle | New Year Goals 2018


Happy New Year everyone! This is something I do every year now. Goals I want to achieve throughout the year, so let's see what I've got in mind...

Pass my theory & practical driving test

I'm more determined than ever to get on the road and learn to drive, and have that essential freedom I need! I'm quite enjoying driving at the minute and I'm just itching to just get my own car and get on the road!

Save money

By this I don't mean stop spending, I just want to save even more money than before, as it's always good to have that extra bit of money as a back up, as you never know what could happen.


I mainly want to travel to Ireland and somewhere hot, like Santorini or Portugal. I would like to visit Ireland for my 21st birthday and meet up with the lovely Shauna Claire! I'm dying to go and see Giants Causeway and have a night out in the Irish pubs - as I am half Irish after all.

Eat Healthier

See, I've had more of a balanced diet, but then I munch/binge away at junk food I don't need to eat. I just keep eating so much! Must be having a growth spurt hahaa! Or I just really like food - of course ;) 

Home exercises

See I want to make time for this now as I use to love going the gym and that feeling of exhaustion, but feeling really good about it - I really want that again, as I love working out and feeling better within my body.

Read more books

Once I've got my theory test out the way, I can read to my hearts content, but I've got so many books I want to read and sat in my drawers next to my bed. Its also finding the time too.

Film more videos

I normally always have a video up every Sunday at 5pm on my YouTube channel, but I want to just film loads more videos. Like, trying American candy, the whisper challenge part 2, the best friend tag - I honestly have a fair few ideas, I just need the time to film!

Live life how I want to and not let anyone get in the way of my own happiness

As 2017 was full of this and I'm taking a stand and doing what makes me happy. Never do something your not happy with, or be with someone your not happy with. You will only feel miserable, when there is no point, because you are the person in charge of your own happiness, so take charge and make your life how you want it!

Hope you liked this post! What's your new year goals or resolutions etc.?

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