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Monday 16 April 2018

Lifestyle | What Happened In March

Isobel Celine

March...It was a very eventful month. Including a day in London, The Photograhy Show, Comic Con and many other fun things. It was quite an adventurous one to be truthful and it was a month I honestly really enjoyed, at the weekends mainly, as we all know, work isn't always fun. So let's move on to what fun was held over this month.

March started off with snow, and lots of it! But it didn't stop me from seeing my favourite people. We went for a special meal out at the Farmhouse where we ate ourselves silly with Indian curries, rice, poppadoms and naan breads - definitely would recommend this place if your from Coventry. Especially if Indian food is one of your main favourites for food. It was so nice to see the guys and girls after quite a while thinking about it. We hadn't all been together for a proper meal since Christmas! Along with the delicious food, gorgeous interior, we were also entertained by a magician.

Next up, me and Adam spent a very long but very much enjoyable day out in London together and saw loads of different sites, went to quite a few Instagramable places and took lots of cool shots.Within the same weekend, it was Mother's Day, a day where I spent some quality time with my Mum, which is certainly needed and was nice to treat her to a nice roast dinner and lots of lovely treats.

Another eventful weekend included a fair few fun things. It started off with being Press for The Photography Show, which was so good! We were able to chill out with a tea, coffee and biscuits in the Press Lounge, where we also got our passes, a USB with our Press Pack, Show Guide and a voucher for a free camera strap - which is such a cute bohemian one! It was such a good event! Me and Adam were at the event for quite a few hours trying out loads of different cameras, equipment and lenses etc. I even took my GoPro and used that round the show which was pretty fun. I have to say that Canon had the best stand, as they had a beautifully lit floral display you could take pictures of with all their latest cameras. I even took a few shots on my Nikon D3200 camera. We ended the day with a talk by Art Wolfe, who I hadn't heard of before, but admire his work so much now I've witnessed it! He's a man filled with all kinds of amazing knowledge, with a brilliant eye for an impressive shot. 

During the same day, but later on, we went out with my family to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - as I'm half Irish of you didn't already know that. It was such a fun night which you'll see in the vlog from that weekend. The next day was another busy one as we headed back to the NEC in Birmingham for Comic Con. Where I went as Star Wars Sith Mrs Marvel mash up. I was actually quite proud of how it turned out to be honest. I do have to be honest about Comic Con, it's my 4th one now, and I just feel that the love for it has just worn off...I love cosplaying, but the overall feel about the day for me personally has just died out. I used to get so excited about it, yet now, I just don't feel so excited about it. Maybe because I didn't make the effort to be involved in any meet ups or photoshoots, I did individual ones with different photographers, but no group ones like I used to. It just doesn't feel the same. If you've never been before and love all that nerdy stuff, then go as it's a great experience, but as I've basically been there, done that 4 times, I'm a bit bored of it for now. But either way, it was great fun!

On the 24th March, I finally had a girls day out with my two favourite girls, Stacie & Sophie. I hadn't seen them in a few weeks so we planned a day out filled with shopping and lots of food! So we started off having a nosey at the new Canteen in West Orchards in Coventry, as it's been under construction for a few months now and they had a new opening event on. We decided to have a quick bite to eat in Mcdonald's - of course I had chicken nuggets. We managed to get a seat luckily in one of the 4 zones in McDonald's. They've got a new eating place there now too - a noodle bar! There's also KFC, Subway, a coffee cafe - I've completely forgot the name of! There's also the Shake Shack (Love Shack?) which has such nice milkshakes! I really wanted to get a picture with the balloons they were giving out, but they were literally all gone unfortunately, so that was my awesome instagram shot idea gone! Either way, the design of the place is pretty snazzy! Loved the decor in Mcdonald's with the picture frames. It's nice that there's still enough selection there, as there used to be loads like around 6/7 different eating places to choose from, but now there's more seating areas which is always helpful.'

After our little sit down, we (of course) headed down to Primark. I actually put myself on a £25 spending limit - guess who let that go out the window! Even though I said to the girls don't let me buy everything! Oh well, nothing wrong with treating yourself!

I also had my hair redone by my hairdresser Charlotte - find her here if your from the Coventry/Bedworth/Nuneaton area! She's the only hairdresser I trust with my hair! Which was perfect timing as the next day I went to see 30 Seconds To Mars, which if you've got me on Snapchat and Instagram (all links are down below) then you would of seen them too! They were INSANE!! I even bought a band tee as that seems to be the tradition now for every concert I go to!

The last weekend in March, me and Adam had a cute little date night and went to Bella Italia. Now let me tell you a story about Bella Italia...We ordered two Italian Spritz, one elderflower and citrus and the other strawberry - which we both shared as they were both so nice! But the food, well, we both ordered spaghetti bolognese, but considering how my stomach can cause me pain whenever I eat certain foods, I wanted to put it to the test and try the gluten free version on the spaghetti bolognese to see if I'd not have any pain/bloating as carbs and greasy food seem to be the main ones that give me pain/make me bloated. So when the food came out, I was given pasta bolognese, PASTA. Guess who was not impressed as it clearly stated 'SPAGHETTI' on the menu. The waitress said that is gluten free spaghetti, and I said, no, you can get gluten free spaghetti, this is pasta. They asked if I wanted anything else, and I said erm no. They shouldn't put Spaghetti bolognese as a gluten free option when it isn't even spaghetti! I was honestly SO not happy. Adam bless him, swapped his dish with mine and ate the gluten free pasta that honestly tasted like cardboard...Won't be eating there again! As even the prices are over priced! I loved the drinks but really disliked the food. Afterwards, we headed to Jam Jar the ice cream parlour and had a nice sundea each there (REVIEW COMING SOON!) and then had cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce where there was an 80's night.

Well that concludes March! See you next month, well, in the next post!

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