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Thursday 12 April 2018

Blogger Event | Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry

Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry
Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry

If your from Coventry, you might know about Fargo Village, if not, then you definitely NEED to read this post here. If you have heard/been to Fargo Village before, you'll know about the Backhaus&Co. coffee shop! I honestly didn't even know that they hosted a comedy night every month - and I am definitely one that's always up for a laugh, as watching comedians is literally one of my favourite things to do, especially during my teen years. Lee Evans will forever be my all time favourite, next to Jack Whitehall & Russell Howard. Anyway, enough of them, let's talk about the show and the acts that performed during the show...

Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry

Within the coffee shop, they cater for both vegan and non vegan eaters. With a few different types of vegan cakes, cooked vegetables, alcoholic drinks and chicken wings. I didn't try the vegan cake but definitely plan on having a slice next time I go in there for a pot of tea!

Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry

The show was opened up & introduced by Michael Dryburgh, which honestly amused me when he introduced himself up to the stage! The first thing I said when I heard his Scottish accent was "He sounds like David Tennant!" this guy was honestly quite amusing and he was telling us all about his trip to A&E and basically was taking the mick out on himself, but it was rather funny!

Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry

The next act was Adele Cliff, a girl from Cambridge who studied at Warwick University, who is also a vegan who never was able to watch Disney films as a child - someone needs to take this girl to Disneyland!! There was one joke that she mentioned about shag bands & a tamogotchi that actually had me howling! Considering how this girl has been told she is immature, I honestly think she has some pretty amusing jokes and I like her unique personality which is presented through her material. Definitely one to go and watch! I also got to interview Adele on a few questions too:

"What started you off into comedy?"

I did a lot of sketches and student radio when I was at uni (in Warwick) and eventually I started to branch out on my own doing stand up. I've always loved being silly and writing jokes and you seem less mad if you do that in front of an audience, as opposed to on trains or in supermarkets.

"Who's your favourite comedian and why?"

Me, it's important to believe in yourself. (I love loads of comedians, it's hard to pick a favourite.)

"What's the worst joke you've told?"

My answer to the previous question.

"Where do you get your inspiration from for jokes?"

I do one liners, so kinda all over the place. I tend to pick out a few topics every time I write and try and get as many funny things out about each of them. Also, I like embarrassing my sisters, so if I think something will embarrass them, I feel inspired.

"Where would you like to see yourself in a years time?"

Probably still in a mirror, I doubt hologram technology will have developed much further by then.

"What's the best highlight so far from doing comedy?"

Probably being in the finals of the UK Pun Championships, there were 1,200 people there cheering and we were competing head to head in a boxing ring! It was nuts.

Backhaus&Co. Comedy Night Coventry

There were two more acts on at the show. We managed to watch Ben Hanlin who was a magician but was also rather funny! He did some pretty impressive card tricks and one of the world's most dangerous tricks of a tail in a bag and absolutely NAILED IT! Okay, maybe I'm jumping in on the puns here too...hehee. But that guy was so good we didn't leave until the very end. I would of love to have seen the last act, but unfortunately, I had to be up early for work the next day so that was a bummer I couldn't stay for the entire event. 

Thanks for reading! I'd definitely love to attend this comedy night again, just a shame it was on a Tuesday! As a Friday or Saturday would of been more convenient and I would of stayed for the whole thing! But either way it was a great night and tickets are only £4! Decent price for the entertainment your get! Even though I didn't have enough time to see the entire show, it was very entertaining and would recommend it to anyone who loves comedy or a bit of a laugh! Thanks to the guys at Backhaus&Co for inviting me along to this hilarious night!

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