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Monday 3 September 2018

Lifestyle | How To Ease Bloating - The Supplement You Need When You Suffer With Bloating

how to stop bloating

Live Bacteria Capsules. Ever heard of anything like this? Neither did I until I spoke to the lovely Linda Booth from Just For Tummies at the BlogConLDN event, who specialises in stomach issues. Especially when it comes to Coelliac disease, IBS, bloating etc.

I was tested for coelliac disease due to me having such bad bloating in my stomach after or during eating foods that were including gluten and mainly carbohydrates. Thankfully it came back negative, but nothing seems to have helped calm the bloating - and that's where these capsules come in!

The Live Bacteria capsules are to be taken 1 or 2 times a day before food. The first few days I was taking them (may be TMI but I'm always honest when it comes to reviews), I needed to go to the toilet on several occassions within the first 3 days of taking 1 a day. I was still bloated but was explained by Linda it was normal for the first couple of weeks as the live bacteria capsules were helping to clear out my system (explaining the many trips to the ladies!).

Linda has a Facebook page where you can openly discuss about any tummy issues and about all the different capsules she sells. So if you do buy any, do join the page, as it's very supportive and informative when it comes to this process.

After me taking the capsules for over a week, my stomach settled down and I was still getting bloated, but not as bad as it normally was. I was mainly getting trapped wind, which cleared itself as the day went on...

I've been taking the capsules for a good month and a half, but stopped for a while to see how my stomach would react, I'm getting the bad bloating back, so I can see how much of a difference the capsules have made within my bloating. So I am definitely going to carry on using them! As they certainly cleared my system out at the start!

I would recommend using these capsules if you suffer from bloating after/during eating. But if you need any advice, message Linda Booth on her 'Tummy Talk' Facebook group or message her on Instagram - she's honestly a great help!

She also has a wide range of different capsules for different stomach problems such as, Digestive Enzymes, Charcoal, Milk Thistle, Fibre, Garlic, Omega 3 etc. Check out her website here to see what else they have on offer as well as tea bags too! It's not just Linda behind the scenes either! She works along side her husband who is also a brilliant person full of information and help! They were SO lovely to talk to at the event also!

*These capsules were gifted to me from Just For Tummies, but all opinions and bloatedness were all my own*


  1. Oh I get bad bloating all the time as well! Could be due to the dairy though, these look really good! x

  2. Love bacteria sounds terrifying lol! They sound good for a good detoxing of the body though! I loved the bit at the bottom that the bloatedness was all your own lol!xx

  3. Will check her website out, these sound very interesting.