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Friday 8 February 2019

Fashion | How To Style A Cardigan The Bright Way In Winter

The colder weather is certainly here...I'm sat writing this blog post just waiting for the dreaded cold snow to flow in...I never really believe the news channels or the radio stations when they say we'll get 10 inches or so of snow and then BOOM the next day it rains, like WTF? They just never get it right. So anyway, as much as I'm not super wrapped up in these outfit shots, this cardigan, Kindly gifted to me by Exlura, was rather cosy to wear and I love the colour contrasts within it. Pretty much wearing a French flag style cardigan with the colour scheme here. Which I am loving.

Each day that is super cold, I honestly go straight for jeans and a jumper with boots or trainers, but on days that aren't so cold, I'll switch it up. But lately, jumper, jeans and boots with a cosy coat is what I am living for right now. So to switch it up a bit when the temperature is bearable enough for a t-shirt with a long cosy cardigan over jeans and some killer red boots - my absolute favourite boots ever which I am completely shocked that I've never blogged about these yet, and I've had them for a good 2 years at least now! They're just so statement, stunning and comfortable to wear on a daily basis! 

Me & Adam shot these images in Fargo Village which has so many cool and different spots to shoot in! PopBangColour's workshop was such an awesome place to shoot with all the different cars around it - the artist paints with cars by the way, me and Adam met him at Motorcycle Live back in November 2018 and he makes some pretty awesome paintings with cars and different car parts! Definitely go in and check out what he creates! See the vlog here!

 Cardigan* - Exlura | Top - Primark | Jeans - Primark | Scarf - H&M | Boots - Forever 21 | Hat - ISAWITFIRST | Backpack - ASOS | Belt - Gucci

My scarf I'm wearing here I honestly wear every single day...There is hardly ever a time I leave the house without it in this freezing weather in England! As well as my baker boy hat I literally love wearing! I have one in pink too! What have you been living in during these colder days?

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  1. That is a ton of snow!! You look so cute and cozy here!!

  2. I love this outfit that you put together, especially those red boots!

  3. I love this outfit so much! That jumper looks super cosy. I've been living in thick tights and oversized jumpers lately!

  4. Love FarGo Village, it’s such a good place for photos!