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Monday 11 February 2019

Beauty | Seksy Perfume Review

Seksy Elegance Perfume

Valentine's Day is approaching, but it's not like we can't treat ourselves every day to a new fragrance! This SEKSY bottle (see what I did there) is a gorgeous, none expensive scent that is perfect for those date nights you've got lined up, special occasion or even if you want to feel good about yourself going to work or out for the day. This little bottle of elegance is the perfect little gift for yourself or someone you love, or you just think they deserve a little treat. Why not treat your Valentine or Galentine to something with a spot of elegance for them to feel even more beautiful than they already are!

Seksy Elegance Perfume
Seksy Elegance Perfume

This gorgeous scent has actually been my go to scent for work or basically my day to day everyday perfume! It has a beautiful musky but floral smell that doesn't linger or smell cheap. The bottle is beautifully designed with the Swarovski crystal within the neck of the bottle which add that classic touch to the crystal based design. As much as the scent is rather floral and musky, it has a fresh scent to it that makes it smell very different to anything else I've worn before in my perfume collection.

Seksy Elegance Perfume
Seksy Elegance*

Why not treat yourself or to the one you love this Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day to something beautiful?

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*This item was sent out to me as a gift to be reviewed. All my opinions are open and honest. For more information please read my disclaimer.*