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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Lifestyle | Easter Gift Guide

Easter Gift Guide 2019

Easter is such a cute time of the year, especially for kids with all the Easter Half Term activities, but us adults should join in too! I used to love joining in with the Easter Bonnet parade when I was little, I made a really cute bunny style top hat out of cardboard that I kept for years! My Dad always used to set up Easter egg hunts every Easter too, that used to be so difficult but SO fun! Makes me miss being a kid! But Easter isn't always about kids, it's about everyone coming together with family, plus lots and lots of chocolate of course, (not to forget the delicious roast dinner to follow!), so let's see what's in store this time round for this Easter Gift Guide 2019!

Easter Gift Guide 2019
Personalised Easter Gift Bag* | 6 Personalised Easter Egg Box*

Your typical eggs that you can get for a £1 or 2 can be nice, but is there really much personal thought in there? As kind of a gesture that it is, what about having the person you are gifting the egg to with their name and/or face on it?! What a cool idea that is! Vanilla Reindeer do such a cute range for not only Easter, but all year round! It's like a better version of Moonpig! The fact you can get a personalised gift bag with their face AND name on it is such a cute and thoughtful idea! I went for the pink theme of course because I'm loving pink right now and it goes with my theme on all my social media platforms and blog! This egg box comes with 6 hollow chocolate eggs that are wrapped in gold foil - the best part is, it's all recyclable too! I always check now a days if products are recyclable as we have to look after the planet that we live in now don't we! You can also get 30% off with the code "EGG30" until 21st April, and the delivery isn't bad either for time!

Easter Gift Guide 2019
LIR Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg*

As nice as the Cadbury Easter eggs are, have you ever tried the LIR Chocolates Easter Egg? Sprinkled with different flavours that are hand decorated, comes in stunning packaging and includes a few smaller yummy treats too! I love LIR's salted caramel chocolates! If you fancy treating someone, or yourself for that matter to dive into a chocolate food coma, this is the one for you!

Easter Gift Guide 2019
Bailey's Chocolate Easter Egg*

LIR not only do their own collection, but they also do a delicious selection with Bailey's - Bailey's is one of my favourite liqueurs and the fact it's in the chocolate is another bonus, especially for those who want to have added alcohol to their Easter Sunday! This Easter Egg is definitely one for us adults and those who love that added delicious taste of Bailey's in their mouths. Coffee Addict's this is definitely an Easter Egg for you too!

LIR don't just do Egg's, they do a very large variety of chocolate boxes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours!

Easter Gift Guide 2019

Are you excited for Easter? Ready to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Why no treat yourself, to a love one or friend to an Easter Egg this Easter! I'm sure they'll appreciate it - who doesn't love a little bit of chocolate? Especially when you can get dairy free ones now a days too!


*All items marked with an asterisk (*) have been kindly sent to me for review and to be featured in this gift guide. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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