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Friday 31 May 2019

Beauty | Favourite Skincare & Beauty Products In May

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It's been a while since skincare and beauty products have been spoken about on the blog that's for sure. So let's bring it all back on all the products I've been loving lately, especially throughout the month of May.

Skincare Flatlay

Banana Body Yoghurt - The Body Shop

This is one of my absolute favourite body lotions to slather my body with after a bath or shower. It's £8.50 a tub but lasts you ages! I managed to buy 3 tubs of it when there was a sale in January. And I've reached the finally tub (GUTTED). They stopped selling the Banana range for a while which I was absolutely gutted about, but I was at This Morning Live not long ago and IT WAS BACK! With a brand new scrub too - guess who's getting that next.

Clear Start Breakout Clearing Booster - Dermalogica*

My absolute holy grail when I have a sudden break out of spots, or that one spot that is just there, staring at you in the mirror like 'I'm back b*tch' like COME ON REALLY?! So this product is an absolute god send and clears my raging spots when they appear. Definitely a splurge for £18 but one that last for ages due to you needing the tiniest amount on each spot. I've had this since before Christmas and there's still loads left! This product was gifted to me last year but I honestly couldn't live without it.

Jeanne Arthes Let Your Dreams Blossom Eau De Parfum

This little bottle of floral heaven came in my Glossy Box in April and it's a perfume I've been reaching for on the daily, especially for work. It has a very grown up floral smell that is stunning and makes me feel so feminine - weird explanation but some perfumes make you feel different ways. I love the packaging of it with how floral and colourful the design is. The bottle is a small size but is lasting rather well considering how many times I've been spraying it all over myself. If your looking for a new floral fragrance that will also be handbag friendly, this is for you.

Skincare Flatlay

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

The only cleanser I use if I'm honest and the only one I've used for the last 3 years! The amount of these I've been through but they last so long. The bottles of these can be a little pricey starting at £17 for the 1 month usage one - I honestly get a 3 month use out of this if you don't use too much everyday. It's honestly one of the best cleansers out there, I may be biased but this is one hell of a good product that works on any type of skin. Definitely worth the money you pay for it.

BeGlow Tia: All-in-One Sonic Skincare System*

This little amazing pink product is definitely worth investing if your really into your skincare. It has sensitive technology and gently vibrates the face whilst you move it around your skin over a cleanser. I like to use this once or twice a day with my cleanser. Technology has become even more impressive the fact something like this little gadget can help to contour, and firm your skin. This pink device can help to remove your make up and all those gross bits that get stuck in your pores where your hands can't get to. This is a good investment especially for those who want to look after their skin through ageing due to it's technology to improve the facial muscles and improve the signs of sagging. It's so easy to clean as well with the removable silicone brush head. I always detach this after using it so that I can clean it and keep it at it's best state. The silver plate I like to use to help press serums and the rest of the goodness left over from face masks into my skin better. There's also two settings for the brush head where it's a slow pulsing then press again for a more firmer vibration, which is the setting I prefer to use to really get all around my face. This is something that is worth looking into and investing into your skincare routine, especially as the years go by through ageing, this will be your holy-grail!

Avant Skincare Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream

My absolute holy-grail to use as a night cream. This is another Glossy Box treat that I had a few months ago - I wish they included more creams and moisturisers in their boxes and they have had such nice ones included before, but this one stuck out the most with how nice the formula is, it really hydrates my skin and keeps it looking youthful with a natural glow. The thing is, the actual full size pot of this is £98, which is not something I would pay for no matter how good a face cream is, I'd probably go as far as £30-£35 for this face cream to be honest. But if you've had this in your Glossy Box or been given it, honestly if you haven't tried it already, it's a life changer, or should I say skin changer.

Skincare Flatlay
Skincare Flatlay

Idebenone Brightening Serum - Bellflower*

I love a good serum in my skincare routine, and this is my latest one I'm trying out from Bellflower. It's a brightening serum, which I am all for. I love a serum that can help brighten my skin, especially around my eye area and make my skin look brighter and fresh. I don't use serums every day. As my skin can break out very easily if I use serums too much, but this one I tend to use at night every other day and it doesn't break me out then, but I still get the good affects from the product. A serum worth trying out to be honest as I've noticed a nice glow to my face more since using this.

FoamBurst Unicorn Marshmallow - Imperial Leather

I don't usually talk about shower gel or foam but this...This is something else! For one it's a unicorn shower foam and two, it's perfect for when shaving in the bath or shower. It smells divine and so sweet and I've repurchased this around 3 times now and still love it. I have too many shower gels as it is but I just had to repurchase it as I love it that much. Super cheap too!

Olay Regenerist Whip Light As Air Moisturiser

I first tried the Olay Whip when Lydia Millen had a swipe up link on Insta stories for a free sample of this. The sample was super small but there was enough for me to use it at night and in the morning. I was instantly sold and bought it within the week of getting the sample. It's such a nice lightweight product and feels so nice on the skin and is almost a match to the Elizabeth Arden Skin Renewal Booster serum that I was going to buy again (love this stuff), until this came along. But the Olay Whip was half the price of the Elizabeth Arden serum, so of course I wanted to try something new and bought this, I use this every morning before I moisturise and I just absolutely adore this product and so glad I bought it, even though it was £22.99 at the time. So worth it though!

Skincare Flatlay
Skincare Flatlay

Danielle Beauty Beauty Bag*

I honestly take this little bag with me everywhere and it keeps my things like my toothbrush, flannel, eyelash serum, hand cream and anything else I need to take for a night away in it. Perfect size, this ones a medium and the design is absolutely stunning. The floral print reminds me of the Ted Baker ranges. Danielle Beauty do other types of bags that are great for travelling, for make up as well as skincare bags.

Danielle Beauty Lip Mask*

I love a good mask. My lips take a battering that's for sure, and this lip mask was a little saviour when I used it. Made my lips nice and smooth, plump and lovely looking again. My lips suffer from being dry a lot so I do tend to put lip balm on a lot to prevent them cracking. Lip masks are definitely worth trying out if you haven't already to revitalise your lips again.

Danielle Beauty Sheet Mask*

Face masks are my favourite things at the minute. I love relaxing with them and this one is a sheet mask one. I love to sit and relax whilst I have sheet masks on my face, otherwise they slip and slide off your face. A lot it the time I have that one bit that goes between your mouth and nose slip down my face - not good when it ends up in your mouth. Danielle Beauty do SO many different masks at a reasonable price, so if your looking to try out some new face masks then certainly have a look at what they have within their range.

Skincare Flatlay

What's your favourite skincare products at the minute? Shall I post more about the skincare products I use? Let me know in the comments below.


*Items marked with an asterisk(*) have been kindly gifted to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions  are honest and completely my own. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*

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