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Friday 5 July 2019

Advice | Let's Have A Catch Up

Spring Style

I feel like a post like this is needed, as since I stopped my "What Happened In..." series, I feel like we can't have a proper catch up on what's been going on recently, so I just want this blog post to be really relaxed and nothing to do with reviews or anything like that and just generally ramble about life lately.

Spring Style

Let's start with how I've been budgeting a lot lately with money and the fact I've put myself on a spending ban from buying new clothes, accessories and shoes. I just feel that I need to spend less and wear more. As in, not keep buying new clothes when I already have enough of them (not like me to say that, but I'm trying to be more practical). So I've been trying to re-wear different pieces and switching up pieces into different outfits, and just experimenting more with what I already have. It's better also, if I don't do clear outs as often, as much as I always donate my unwanted clothes and things to charity, as we all know, the fashion world can be bad for the environment when a lot of the things we donate can end up in the world's environment being 'waste'. So it's better to keep what you have, re-wear it, redesign it and just do something with it rather than give it away or bin it.
Since I've been doing this, I've found myself finding out new old favourites and creating new ways of wearing them and I'm finding more out about my personal style and what I really love to wear and the colour palettes I create within outfits - pink being the main favourite at the minute.

Spring Style

Not going on my phone so much is something I've been working on lately, as I've felt lately that it's actually starting to stress me out a little, with the constant checking notifications or just screen checking just because I feel the need to check it. So lately I've been staying away from my phone more and more. It's a particular bad habit at the dinner table, so I either don't bring it to the table or I leave it face down on the table until dinner is finished. I just get sick of the constant notifications going off or the constant ring or vibrate of the phone going off. So most days I leave my phone in a different room for a while so I can just get a break from it and not look at the screen for too long. As being a blogger and constant Instagram checker, I'm pretty bad for it, but this break is what I need from time to time and I'm sure some of us feel this way too about it, as there's more to life than screens and technology, as exciting as technology is, there's nothing better than real life and enjoying what this world is filled with.

Spring Style

Myself and Adam went to Greece earlier in June and it was the most INCREDIBLE holiday we've had to date! I'm hoping to create a little video or IGTV video style vlog for you guys to see. I did upload Insta Stories everyday if you'd like to see the beautiful Zante, there is a highlight on my Instagram (@isobelceline). We are thinking of going to Amsterdam later this year too, as we have been looking at going there for a while now and I've always wanted to spend a few days there exploring the place and all the amazing museums they have to offer, not to mention the canals and all the lush food they do over there! But our next trip will be to Cambridge for my Birthday! Super excited about that and we are going on a punting boat trip around the city which should be so lovely on my actual birthday!

Spring Style
Kimono* - Exlura | Jeans - Primark | Bag - River Island | Boots - Hypnotic | Cami Top - Primark | Belt - Gucci

That's it so far for our little blog post style chat. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this and if you'd be interested in this style of blog post again as I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.


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