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Monday 8 July 2019

Beauty | Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel Review

Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel

Eye gels and eye creams, do they actually work? I've been trying out this Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel for the last month to see if I've had any changes with my under eyes, so let's see how I put this gel to the test and weather eye gels and eye creams are really worth splashing the cash on.

Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel

This eye gel is made up of Argan Oil and Caviar, with a stunning formula filled with this lovely blue spiral through the gel. This is what intrigued me most about this product with the spiral running through it, I love anything that is eye catching like this. I've been using this product for at least 4 weeks, on and off shall we say, as some days I use it in the morning, or at night, but mostly day and night I've been using it. I must say though, it has made a slight difference on my under eyes, but not a massive improvement, as I do have quite stubborn under eyes with the purpleness being there, and the odd occasion of bags under my eyes. But if your one for having slight bags or tiredness or even dryness under your eyes, this might be a good one for you to try.

Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel

As for the formula itself, it will certainly last quite a while, as you only need the slightest drop on your finger to smooth over your eye lids and under eyes. It's a tiny pot, but a bigger amount than your usual brand that sells eye creams or gels. As for the packaging, it is quite basic, but the product inside looks very lush and lovely. The only down side is, the box it comes with has no booklet to tell you about what exactly is in the product and whether there is anything in there for sensitive skin people. It also comes with a little Argan Oil lip balm too which is cute.

As for the price of this product, it is £29.95, which when you think about it is kind of pricey and I personally wouldn't spend this much on a product unless it was super high end, but you don't know until you try it and this hasn't been bad to me so far! So I can't say I don't recommend it, when people that love their skincare, I think you'd love to try this out!

Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel
Crystal Pearl Eye Contour Gel

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