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Monday 15 March 2021

Travel | Best Instagram Spots In Coventry

Best Instagram Spots In Coventry

Coventry isn't somewhere you thought would be very Instagram worthy, but I've lived here all my life and always found ways of finding good spots for photos no matter where I am in the city. All you need is a good eye for creativity and imagination. So here I will take you to all my favourite spots to take photos in the city.

Waterfall by The Priory Undercrofts

This waterfall you can get some really cool movement shots with the water behind you, I've not shot here many times but its beautiful for reflection shots, a cool background or something you could add into the background of in photoshop. 

Best Instagram Spots In Coventry

Car Parks

Car park shots have been SO popular during the lockdown period and there's something about them that make your photo so edgy with any outfit. Whether your looking for a street style shot, shooting for a brand or filming a tik Tok, an empty car park is one of my favourite places to shoot. And best of all, there's usually no people about on the top floor of a car park.

Best Instagram Spots In Coventry

Lychgate Cottages

This little area is right next to the Coventry Cathedral and is lovely and peaceful away from the busy shoppers. I loved shooting in this location during autumn time, as the colours pop out perfectly when you edit back the shots, of course depending on the preset and your style of editing. This is also a nice area to shoot even prom or wedding style photos.

Best Instagram Spots In Coventry

Cathedral Lanes

Another firm favourite of mine to shoot by. There's so many different lovely spots around the cathedral that are instagram worthy. I actually did a Christmas shoot in the cathedral during the dark hours with some fairy lights and they look pretty cool. It's all about using your imagination when shooting in these locations and knowing what you want to get out of them.

Best Instagram Spots In Coventry

Priory Row

If you want a 'London street' look but saving on the train journey, Priory Row is a lovely spot for those lovely big house style street shots. I've shot here many times for branded content and just casual content. It's a spot that just looks lush in any photo and any time of the year.

There's also many other places I like to shoot in Coventry, but maybe that can be saved for another blog post. Can't go sharing all my secrets so soon can I! Let me know if you'd like a part 2 to this series.

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