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Thursday 11 March 2021

Lifestyle | Mother's Day Gift Guide - Lockdown Edition

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Lockdown Edition

I'm a little late this time round for a full on gift guide for Mother's Day. I wasn't actually going to write one up, but I don't think I did one last year either as Boris pretty much cancelled it. Luckily I had presents ready for my Mum and sent her flowers as I couldn't be with her, but thankfully this year I can be. My plan is to get a afternoon tea for 2 tray from Morrison's and have a cute afternoon tea lay out for me, my Mum and step dad, as I can't eat any of it anyway as it's not vegan but it will be lovely for my Mum and a bonus for my step dad as he loves clotted cream scones. If you aren't able to spend yet another Mother's Day with your Mum or Nan this year I send you my love & bring you this gift guide for things you can do for them this Mother's Day but lockdown edition. So let's tuck into what we can spoil them with this year.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Lockdown Edition

Send gifts through the post

I always did this for my Nan as she lives like a 2 hour drive away. I ordered presents to her house as well as flowers to be sent up to her so she didn't miss out on Mother's Day. So this is a good idea to do and just let them know some parcels will be arriving but they can't open them until Mother's Day. I find that eBay or Amazon are good places to find cute things for Mother's Day, especially unusual things. You could even get a takeaway ordered for them to have a nice evening meal with. Whether you live with them or they live alone or with a partner etc, it's a lovely thought as we can't go out for dinner, so bring the dinner to them.

Order flowers to be sent

As I said before, flowers I have sent to my Mum and my Nan before. It's so specially to have flowers delivered, they can be a bit pricey but it depends where you get them from. I usually order from Bloom & Wild, Serenata Flowers or Moonpig. As they have such gorgeous ranges of flowers in all sizes and prices to meet your needs of what your looking for.

Take them a hamper

You could always create a hamper or buy a hamper filled with gifts that they will use. Even if your short on cash, the pound shop has a really good range of different things plus hamper basket sets that you could create your own hamper for Mum or Nan. Maybe filled with chocolate, pamper things or whatever they would like. Such a cute idea and it's such a thoughtful idea which I'm sure they will appreciate. Plus you could always just drop this on their doorstep for them.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Lockdown Edition

Personalised Gifts

I love to get people these type of gifts as it shows how thoughtful you are when choosing a gift, and adding that personal touch to it. Shows you thought about what you wanted to get them. Mugs are always a cute gift, and P.E.G.G.Y (otherwise known as Pure Essence Greeting Gifts For You) have a wide range of gifts this mothers day. They kindly gifted me the mug in the pictures so I can give this to my Mum for Mother's Day and I had it personalised with a lovely quote on the mug saying 'Always my Mother, forever my friend'. Such a lovely quote and not your average one. My Mum is always drinking a cup of tea so a mug or a cup and saucer she always appreciates on Mother's Day. Take a look at their website here to check out their gifts for mothers day.

Homemade Afternoon Tea

Whether you live with your Mum/Nan or you don't, this would be a lovely thing to do for them. Make some lovely treats for them to have afternoon tea at home, or if your not the best at baking, like I said, get a platter from Morrisons as they are doing full on afternoon tea for one or for two! Definitely have a look around the bakery fridge area in there as that's where they are hiding. I can't wait to do this for my Mum this Mother's Day.

Go for a socially distanced walk

Of course not socially distanced if you live in the same household, but you can always do this on Mother's Day if they don't live too far away from you. Especially if it's not raining, it's a lovely way to get out, enjoy nature and have a lovely catch up. You could even bring a coffee for the walk.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Lockdown Edition

Sorry this wasn't my usual gift guide, but I didn't feel like doing a full on gift guide this time around and wanted to do a more relatable one for the current period as it makes much more sense due to lockdown still happening in the UK. I hope you are all safe and well? And I hope whatever you do for your Mum or Nan on Mother's Day that it is enjoyable and you all smile & have a happy day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's & Nan's reading this, sending you a great big hug! Hopefully next year we can all make up for lost time and celebrate Mother's Day how we have all been wanting too.

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