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Friday 20 December 2019

Lifestyle | How To Create Your Dream Space On A Budget

How To Create Your Dream Space On Budget

A long awaited post where I talk about how to create your dream space, in my case a small room into something that works and still looks lovely, but on a budget. I've been saving throughout this year, but also buying little things that aren't overly expensive to add to my room that I could also take to my future home. So I will dive into items such as, throws, cushions, prints, flowers etc. All little things that make a nice difference to your interior space.

How To Create Your Dream Space On Budget

You maybe a home owner, a uni student or someone who still lives at home with their parents. This blog post should give you an insight into how to budget with interior pieces. So, firstly I'll start with throws, I included a Tropical Leaves Fleece Blanket from IWoot here as they kindly sent out this lovely little throw that was perfect to cover up my office chair I have in my room that I cover in make up, so this is a perfect little something to dress up your chairs or add a little something to your office chairs. It's priced at £19.99, but when you think about it, on a budget it isn't too friendly, but this is nice to use as a throw at the end of your bed, use as a chair cover or a blanket, but it ties in with certain prints too. Budget wise, Primark do some lovely throws of all sizes that are nice to brighten up any space just like the one I have in the photos from IWoot.

How To Create Your Dream Space On Budget

Moving onto cushions, I love a good slogan cushion as much as I like patterned ones. IWoot do this fabulous double sided one that says 'Just Hug Me' & 'Don't Be A Dick'* which is so relatable to what I say so this is perfect for my space. I added it to my office chair on top of the fleece blanket and it looks super cute together. The cushion retails to £24.99, which again isn't budget friendly but looks lush in the space I've created. But for similar ones, Primark, TKMaxx, Home Sense and charity shops are good to find some bargain cushions.

How To Create Your Dream Space On Budget
How To Create Your Dream Space On Budget

Lets talk about prints now, as all these prints were from no other than the pound shop would you believe?! They are just as pretty as the Desenio ones I love and a fraction of the price. The prints that are A4 were 4 for a £1, next to all the white frames being a £1 each. The A3 size prints were also a pound, so I was extremely happy with them all, certainly budget friendly. The only downfall with the  A3 frames is, they are plastic and fall apart really easily, you can fix them easy enough but it's rather annoying when I'm at my desk drying my hair and the bottom of the frame falls off. But either way for a £1, you can't complain really. If you want a bit more quality on a budget this 'More Issues Than Vogue' Print from IWoot* is a lovely simplistic addition to your space. Plus it's only £9.99 so definitely a more budget friendly and better quality addition to the wall. Can we also just take a look at the fact I saved space by putting up all my handbags on top of my wardrobe, clever idea when you have a room the size of mine and you can see exactly what bags you have, so this is a useful one to also save space.

How To Create Your Dream Space On Budget

I also like to get fake flowers from the pound shop, B&M or Home Bargains, as they do such brilliant fake flowers and vases. Asda is where I bought the one in the photos above for only £6 and I LOVE it! Definitely one of my favourite vases next to my cockatoo vase Adam bought me last year. Rugs wise, Primark & Ikea are my favourite places for those faux fur rugs, but Primark sells them for £10 and Ikea sells them for £25, so Primark is a winner for rugs in this case with our budget! Let's not forget candles, I blooming love candles, especially in the colder seasons, they just bring a little something to the room, the scent and the feel of the place. Home Bargains and B&M are my favourite places to get these as they have such a large range of candles.

I like to have my blogosphere magazines out on display also so it looks better, instead of buying those expensive books everyone has on their coffee tables, this is my alternative!

Have you found any interior bargains recently?


*All products marked with an asterisk(*) have been kindly sent to me to review. All opinions are my own and honest. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*

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