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Monday 23 December 2019

Lifestyle | Reflecting On 2019

Isobel Celine

2019 has been a year filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, amazing memories have been made, explored new things, especially food. If your a long term reader of my blog, you will know I recap the year every year. If you want to see what goals I set for this year, you can read that here. So let's recap on what goals I have achieved this year.

Become more relaxed & spontaneous

Becoming more spontaneous is definitely something I've been able to do, as much as I like to plan things, being spontaneous has definitely made me feel more relaxed. Relaxing wise, I'm still working on this, I've become better at it as the year went on, but Christmas time is a really busy time of year for me at work and with blogging/YouTube, so it can be a bit more stressful. Either way, I want to take up more medication classes, like yoga as I've always loved yoga because it's so calming.

Changed my hairstyle

This is something I never thought I would want to do! I cut my hair to my shoulders and scrapped the highlights, and really went for it. I had it died a silver, kind of platinum grey blonde sort of colour. And I LOVE it. I found a new salon call The Hutt Salon in Coventry and Gemma is a dream with my hair. So if your in Coventry, I definitely recommend booking yourself in there as they are lovely there and get your vision of hair that you want.

Tried to go Vegan

This was a massive step that I went through with and tried to add into my diet and lifestyle that I actually couldn't pursue in the end. As my health went downhill due to me not eating enough and not getting the right vitamins. I still want to go vegan, as I want to do it for the animals, as when I have animals on my plate, it makes me think what they may have been put through before they had their lives taken away for us to eat them. I just don't think it's right, so what I am going to do is lower my meat intake and try and go vegan slower this time as I took out everything rather fast, as much as my body got used to it, it made me worse and my B12 levels were majorly affected, so I really needed to build it back up again and start from scratch really. So this isn't the end of this goal, let's say it's still a process.

Changed my body shape

I joined the gym at the start of 2019 which was one of my goals to join the gym and lead a healthier lifestyle. I've worked super hard in the gym and improving my lifestyle within my diet, to the point I've noticed a change in my body. I've always wanted to tone up and thankfully doing this major lifestyle change has really made me realise things about my body and my mindset with the gym. It relieves stress and makes me want to work hard in the gym to achieve strength goals and to feel fitter within myself. So this is something I will continue to progress on throughout the next year.

Travelled to 3 different locations

I always like to set a goal of a minimum of 3 locations to travel to, whether that be in the UK or abroad. I like to go abroad at least twice a year and then somewhere in the UK. We ventured to Zante in Greece which was incredible, myself and Adam are definitely going to go back to Greece in the near future we loved it there that much. Ibiza also ended up on the cards, which was just as amazing! We had so much fun in both places and created some incredible memories. We also drove to Cambridge for my birthday for the weekend which was so so lovely! Punting on my birthday was certainly different, very enjoyable and educational which I adored. I can't wait to see where we venture to next year!

Save more

This year I've saved more money than I ever have done, even with going on holiday and things, I've budgeted so much but still enjoyed myself, which was really lovely as I wasn't hard on myself but I also saved really well. The main reason for this is to save enough to buy a house. So next year will be a major year for saving as it gets closer and closer to the time of us making the decision of what house we buy. So I'm super excited about that!

Learn More

I've learnt so much this year, whether that be through realising how to edit YouTube videos better, learning about who my true friends are, what family is really there for you and so many other things. I've learnt to always be strong, but still allow myself to cry when I need to. As some of us hold up a strong front for so long when we are broken inside, so crying is okay. It's okay to not feel okay, and crying definitely helps to release the inside emotions. I've grown stronger as a person this year with all the situations I've been through.

Achieved things I never thought I would

This goes for freelance writing for a brand I adore (Cohorted Cult), working with some really lovely brands and building on myself. I've achieved a lot over the years with this little space and I really don't look back at it all enough, and of course, I wouldn't be able to continue this journey without the people who support me, my readers, viewers, followers and subscribers. I may not have a huge following, but the people who do and support me, I thank you to those who are new or old that have made any form of interest in the things I do. So this is a thank you to YOU!

I really hope you have a lovely Christmas & a very happy new year lovelies!


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