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Monday 6 January 2020

Lifestyle | 2020 Goals

Lifestyle | 2020 Goals

Well hello 2020! Are we all feeling good about this year? I certainly do as I just wanted to leave 2019 behind and start a fresh new year with new goals, a clearer mind set and just smash out the year 2020. Once again it's that time of year for reflection and setting new year goals and resolutions. Resolutions I definitely don't do as I'm all about hitting goals and achieving things I've always wanted to do, so let's dive into what goals I've set myself for 2020...

Travel to 3 different destinations

I always set a goal to see 3 different destinations each year as I want to see the world as much as possible, and 3 destinations are a minimum really, as I usually travel abroad 2 times a year and then somewhere in the UK. So we will see where this year takes us. I have planned Disneyland Paris at the end of January and potentially Portugal in March, but possibly one or two more holidays throughout the rest of the year, unsure yet.

Save money

This is a yearly goal that I've always set, as this is the year (hopefully) myself and Adam can buy our house. It's a major goal of mine to save for a house, and a massive thing to invest in with my favourite other half. It's such a massive step that I am SO excited for in 2020.

Read a book a month

If your a long term reader on my blog you will know every year I try to achieve this and it just never happens, but I started the year reading a book and I'm almost half way already which I am so proud of as I'm the slowest reader ever! So hopefully I will achieve this one this year.

Reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube

To some this is a very small milestone, but for me this would be amazing to reach in 2020! So if you would love to help me reach this goal please go and subscribe, I post videos every Sunday at 17:30pm UK time! Click the link here to subscribe or search "Isobel Celine" on Youtube.

Do more things that scare me

This could be as random as running a marathon, to trying out a new hobby or trying a food I've never tasted before. I get scared when trying new things, so I definitely want to change this. 

Complete the Wolf Run

I marshalled the Wolf Run for all 4 seasons last year, so this year I want to challenge myself (do it because it scares me) to complete the Wolf Run. If you don't know what this is, it's a 10k run filled with loads of different obstacles, with lots of mud, lake swims, forest etc. This is a major challenge but looks SO fun, so I definitely want to join in this year rather than watch from the side for sure.

Do more for the environment 

First of all I've already started this by volunteering myself to plant trees in March and trying to go Vegan and eat less meat. I also feel like I should donate to charity more, not just with clothes etc, but with money donations and doing more charity work in general. After all, we need to take care of each other and our planet.

Not put too much pressure on myself

I used to love to plan ahead all the time, but recently due to one of my 2019 goals to be more spontaneous, I've calmed down a lot, as planning things made me feel so anxious and if it didn't go to plan I'd just feel poop. Plus I hate to do something and feel under pressure doing it, as I like to clock watch and I need to stop that, as that's what makes me anxious I've noticed. Definitely one I need to work on.

Go with the flow more

Going back to me being more spontaneous, it definitely needs to carry on in 2020 as I need to learn to just go with the flow more and not feel under pressure with myself. I feel more relaxed and chilled doing things like this as nothing is planned and you don't need to worry about anything.

Reach 10K on Instagram

This is such a goal I hope to achieve in 2020 as I try and work so hard on my content and I've been planning content even more for 2020 so I hope that people will like the content I'm putting out there and the new ideas I have lined up! If you want to check out my instagram and help reach my goal, (thank you in advance!) click the link here or reach '@isobelceline' on Instagram.

Learn how to edit more on YouTube videos

I've been playing around more with how I edit my videos for YouTube more and more recently, if you watch my videos you will probably see I've been trying different ways of editing each time I upload as I'm testing it all out still and seeing what ways I like to edit and what suits me. I have so much more content planned for YouTube during 2020 too which is exciting.

Drink more water

I definitely need to do this. As at the start of 2019 I was quite good at this then just slowly went downhill with it, so this is a work in progress but I know I will certainly see the benefits of this once my body gets used to more water intake, but I want to aim for 2.5 litres of water a day.

What goals and aspirations do you have planned for 2020? I'd love to know in the comments down below. Happy new year and I hope you smash this year out the park!


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