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Sunday 29 March 2020

Lifestyle | 20 Things To Do When Self Isolating

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As many of you clearly know, the big C has made the majority of countries go into lockdown, meaning for very many of us having to self isolate to help save lives. Not asking for much really when this time is something really when you think about it, we will never get again. This is the perfect time to get your massive to do list done, decorate, get the garden looking pretty and even have that Netflix binge you've always wanted to tick off your list. So I'm bringing to you a massive list of things you can do during this time at home so you'll be kept productive and busy during self isolating.

  • 1. Start by eating healthy - the worst thing is to constantly snack, as this of course isn't good for your body,  especially your skin. So start by making a shopping list for when your making your next essential shopping trip of pure healthy food, don't be tempted to get the snacks out. Also getting a meal planner and planning your food each week is also helpful for you to stick to.

  • 2. Daily home work outs - You can get some pretty good home work out gear, especially from the big shops or eBay for that matter. I bought a Yoga matt from Tesco, soft weight plates from Aldi and some resistance bands from Decathlon. Also there's a lot of fitness influencers that are putting out some great workout videos to help you work out from home, even if you have no equipment. My favourites to watch are @naturallystephanie, @emfury, @mattdoesfitness & @marino_katsouris especially on Instagram. Pinterest has also been a good place for inspiration, and I have a board filled with home work out ideas for you here.

  • 3. Clear out - whether this be your wardrobe, cupboards, that one cupboard filled with random things that includes your Christmas tree etc. Make up drawer, sock drawer, anything that needs organising. Now is the time for you to tackle it, as when will you get this much time at home again? You will also feel so much better for doing it once it's all done and organised.

  • 4. Spring clean - This may not only include your entire house going over it with anti-bac, the hoover, duster, changing the bed sheets etc, but this could include cleaning your shoes, cleaning out handbags, putting clothes away etc. Also a good declutter for the mind.

  • 5. Selling all the things you don't want - on eBay,  Facebook Marketplace, Depop or even on your instagram stories. This is not only a good way of decluttering but also a good way of you making a little extra cash as well.

  • 6. Catch up on Youtube - whether your one for watching youtube or not, the world of youtube is full of so many different videos from challenges, to inspiration to just a bit of a laugh or an insight into someone else's life. Worth a shot if your bored.

  • 7. Netflix marathon - It's finally the time for you to watch all those series you've always said 'Ooo I want to watch that' or all those ones you've added to your watch list but have never got round to watching. Have a day or a an evening filled with Netflix binging.

  • 8. Social media declutter - I bet your wondering what this one entails, well, now is the time to go through all your social media accounts and unfollow/unfriend ALL the accounts you don't want on there, whether they bore you, bring negativity, or you've just outgrown them. Do it. Take them off, it's for your own mental state, as social media plays a big part in a lot of people's lives and it's not good for you if it's filled with negativity, so get all the positive accounts on your socials and take away all the negative ones. This can be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for starters.

  • 9. Unsubscribe - this means your email inbox. Go through all the annoying emails, spam emails and click that unsubscribe button on the emails you always don't read and just send them straight to the trash. This will make even your inbox feel fresher.

  • 10. Photos declutter - delete all the photos that you don't want on your phone or laptop to free up more space. This could be from old screenshots you don't want/need to the photos of memories you would rather forget.  DECLUTTER EVERYTHING.

  • 11. Clean those make up brushes - definitely the perfect time for this, as let's be honest, who actually cleans their brushes regularly?

  • 12. Clean your car out - if your like me and just leave stuff in your car and say to yourself 'I'll get that out later' and it never happens? Now is the time to clear it out, give it some TLC and freshen it up, as it's basically like a moving home for some people that drive so much. So spruce it up!

  • 13. Delete apps - phone declutter this time, delete all the apps you don't use in your phone to free up storage.

  • 14. Sort out your budget - Seeing as we won't be going out anytime soon, try not to spend money online shopping to save money. Only spend money on the necessities that you really need, not random things you don't need.

  • 15. Don't scroll on social media or the news - as this is bad for your mental health. A lot of news only shows the negative side of something happening when there's so many positive things happening behind the scenes, so only check these things when it's necessary with the news. Scrolling is also a time waster so when you catch yourself doing it, try to set a screen time limit on your phone or download an app to see how much you are on your phone for a day or each week.

  • 16.  Read books - if your like me and have practically a drawer full or book shelf full of unread books, now is definitely the time to tackle them and dive into a book. It not only distracts you from whats happening around you, but also relaxes you and helps you to switch off and just get stuck into the story. Also, motivational books are brilliant to read.

  • 17. Podcasts - If your not a fan of books, maybe podcasts are more you thing. There's so many different ones, from life stories, motivational chats and so many other ones. The few I love to listen to are:
    • The Marie Forleo Podcast - she also has a brilliant book called 'Everything Is Figureoutable'.
    • PLT: Behind Closed Doors
    • Getting Lippy With Imogen
    • The Grow & Glow Show

  • 18. Get cooking or baking - this is such a nice thing to do with not only yourself, but also if you have kids. Making sweet treats or healthy snacks is a great way to get up and be inspired in the kitchen.

  • 19. Get gardening - Another productive thing to do in your garden, make it look pretty and ready for spring, or even make a vegetable patch. Perfect for saving money in the future too growing your own vegetables.

  • 20. Get crafty - start making things, like jewellery, cards, or even a craft day filled with random things even from the recycling to make with the kids. Always hours of fun there if you make it interesting enough!

I hope you are all safe, well and staying as positive as you can during this time. We will get through this! Stay home, stay safe & stay positive! If you ever want to chat or just need someone to make you smile, drop me a DM on my Instagram, I'd be happy to chat!  Hope this blog post has helped you in some way.


*Items marked with an asterisk(*) have been kindly gifted for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own, open and honest. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*

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