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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Lifestyle | How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Working from home can be really nice, but also creates bad habits at the same time. Whether your reading this during the pandemic, or reading this after it's all over, I'm sure this will benefit you regardless.


Let's start by getting a routine together. Most days I start off working in bed, which there is nothing wrong with that if your not feeling like getting up just yet. But once I wake up, and I mean properly woken up, I like to drink a glass full of squash, or water if you prefer. I go and get washed and dressed into either fresh pj's, loungewear or decide to put on a full outfit whilst in the house. Once this is done, try and make sure you are having breakfast, and a healthy one at that to start your day. Maybe weetabix, bran flakes, special K, anything you prefer, even toast. But make sure you have a portion of fruit with it or on the side. I like to add either a banana, strawberries or blueberries to my breakfast. Adds a bit of sweetness instead of sugar also. Then start your day, but just make sure you are eating and drinking enough.

How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Set a to do list

I do this everyday at work, so I wouldn't remember things very well if I didn't do a to do list. You can do this on your phone in the notes section, or in a notepad. Jot down everything you can think of that needs doing during the day for work and just take your time, don't stress and do one task at a time. Worst thing to do is try and do a million and one things at once.

Take breaks

Get sufficient breaks away from your work and any screens. Take a walk, break or step outside, into the garden and get some sunshine, open a window, or just look at the sky, or clouds for that matter, don't want anyone getting eye strain! Remember you should be taking a break away from your screen every 45 mins to give your eyes a rest.

How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home
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Set up an area

This means somewhere in your house where you won't be disturbed, are comfortable and have enough space for the equipment you'll need. I like working from either a desk, dining table or my favourite one, bed - but not all day, only in the morning and then move to one of these later on in the morning. Always make sure you keep looking after your posture, I am terrible for slouching so I need to take my own advice and sit up straight more often when working on my laptop.

I hope this post has helped you in some way to make you feel more motivated when working from home and ways that could hopefully help you stay motivated throughout your day. 


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