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Friday 1 May 2020

Advice | 9 Things I'm Grateful For In Lockdown Life

What I'm Grateful For In Life

As we are all aware by now, life is currently standing still until Boris says 'YOUR FREE TO GO OUT'. We are all staying home and doing things we don't normally do and honestly trying to stay sane. As I'm writing this, we are into week 6 of lockdown in the UK, and my gosh it has made me really think about the little things in life and the things we take for granted. So of course, I'll be talking you through the things I've been grateful for in life, especially throughout lockdown.

What I'm Grateful For In Life
What I'm Grateful For In Life


During lockdown, of course we haven't had the freedom we once had, so being grateful for that is one of the main things. The freedom to see family when we want to, go to the shops when we want to, even flying on holiday when we want to. For the time being, it feels like our normal freedom of life has been stripped from us. The only part right now where we can feel freedom, is inside our heads, but sometimes if I'm honest I feel like I'm going insane with not getting out when I can. Never will I not be grateful for the freedom we have when lockdown is over.


I've never been so grateful than I have been right now for my health and for my family and friends. In reality, our health should be our number one priority, especially during and after this pandemic. I would say I'm a rather healthy person, within my diet and with exercise before the lockdown situation, but exercising during it hasn't been so good, so exercising daily is back into the daily routine, well the little bit of routine that there can be at the moment. If you take anything from this post, make it be to take care of yourself, not just physically, but mentally. Don't be so hard on yourself when you see others doing well during lockdown, you are the main priority. Your health comes first.


The escapism of books I am so grateful for. It calms my wondering mind at times where I feel like my thoughts are spiralling out of control. I've been trying to read a book a month, but if I'm honest, it depends on the size of the book. As a 500+ page book took me about a month and a half to complete, probably because I'm a slow reader but still, it took me some time. I just love to have the time to relax and get stuck into a good book, or even a Blogoshpere Magazine for that matter.

What I'm Grateful For In Life
What I'm Grateful For In Life


The days seem so much better with a bit of sunshine, even though the last few days it hasn't been so nice, the sun has been out for the majority of lockdown and that bit of warmth and light brings me such peace and happiness when I can sit in the garden and just breathe. Plus it's a good source of vitamin D for us all that I'm sure being indoors we are clearly going to need.


My gosh if we didn't have such good technology as FaceTime then that would be sad. So I'm grateful for the fact this was invented for us to be in contact with our family and friends to be able to see their faces, laugh with them and even do funny things with them at the end of the phone. I've seen people online doing a night in, date nights, fitness classes etc. Together. With out apps like FaceTime this wouldn't be possible, technology can really be a wonderful thing during this time.


I've been looking after my skin and hardly wearing any make up apart from the weekends when I film videos or tik toks. I've always been into my skincare anyway, but even more so has this time let my skin develop into a such a glowing and healthy surface. I have a lot of skincare products to use up too, so it's given me the time during lockdown to test out products even better than before as I can see the daily results.

What I'm Grateful For In Life
What I'm Grateful For In Life

Daily Exercise

If Boris said we couldn't go out for walks or a run at all, I definitely would of gone insane being in the house 24/7 by now. But the fact I get out every day, even for a walk or a run, really has been helping my emotions and mental health. I could feel super frustrated indoors, but once I'm outside on our daily exercise walk or run, it makes me feel so much better and gives me that sense of freedom for a little while.


Going back to exercise again, but yoga doesn't really feel like exercise to me. I feel like my body has time to be stretched in different ways, for my mind to properly relax during it and also a time for me to just be in my own head to just breathe. I'm going to make sure most days especially outside of lockdown, to be practicing yoga at the beginning of each day, especially a week day so that I bring that sense of calm to myself from the beginning of the day, for the day to be started right and positively. Definitely try out yoga, Madfit on youtube who is the one that I'm watching and following along to her yoga videos. I've also been trying out her workout videos that are great too.

My Partner

I've been in lockdown with Adam since we calm back from Portugal and if I wasn't with him I definitely would of had a mental breakdown by now. He has kept me sane and made me laugh every single day. Smiling and laughing is the key to making me happy right now, and without him it would of been a whole lot more miserable. So I'm grateful to be with him right now, especially during lockdown.

What are you grateful for in lockdown life?


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