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Friday 22 May 2020

Lifestyle | My Ideal Morning Routine


Lockdown has certainly thrown my routine right out the window. So instead of waking up at 7am and getting up at 7:30am after being on my phone, it completely changed. I'm going to walk you through my ideal morning routine and some tips throughout to maybe help you with your morning routine.

Recently my wake up times have been all over the place, from waking up between 4:30am to 7:30am. Ideally I'd prefer to wake up at 6:30am as it gives me enough time to do things in the morning before  I start work for the day. But I don't mind waking up earlier than normal as it gives me time to focus on blogging and editing.

My alarm sound can change my mood for the entire day, if it's loud and startles me I get so moody as it really disturbs me. But what I've found really helps is having a more calming sound to wake up to, which for me is the sound of birds. I set the 'Birdsong' alarm sound on my iPhone and it makes me wake up so much nicer and happier.

I honestly love laying in bed, but I feel so lazy for doing it some days (but it's needed at times), so to get myself up properly I just go straight to the bathroom, have a wash and then do my skincare as that is one of my favourite things to do. Doing so really sets me up for the morning making me feel all fresh and glowy. Once I'm dressed I feel ready for the day rather than getting into loungewear and crawling back in bed.

Yoga every morning (if I had the motivation everyday to do this) would be ideal within my morning routine, as it really calms my mind, stretches my body and sets me up for the day ahead. Yoga I would recommend to anyone, especially people with anxiety and mental health issues as it really calms your overthinking mind.

I'm terrible for checking my phone in the mornings, so ideally I would like to cut my screen time as I'm on my phone far too much in the day anyway. Recently being at home so much my screen time a day for last week was 6 hours a day...Which when you think about it is so bad for my eyes as I'm on my laptop for work all day as well so I really need to cut it.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I make sure I have something at least substantial every morning, as I've noticed if I don't have breakfast I'll be snacking all day long. I've grown more towards cereal again, especially special flakes from Lidl, choco snaps from Tesco's free from range and protein weetabix sometimes. I don't have cow's milk and haven't for over a year now with me being lactose intolerant and trying to go vegan, so almond milk has been the best addition, which I urge you to try out. If you don't like that try soya or oat milk they are just as nice.

Reading I'd like to replace being on my phone for in the morning. It's such a nicer thing to do in the morning to start the day, especially if your reading a motivational book.

What is your ideal morning routine?

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