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Friday 24 July 2020

Advice | 6 Goals For The Next 6 Months - Life After Lockdown

Isobel Celine

Now that Boris has announced that from 4th July more places can start to reopen, from 25th July gyms can reopen, 1st August everyone can go back to work. I'm so happy the gyms are opening as there's so much working out at home I can take. I've been finding it really hard to think about the future and what I want to achieve, so I wanted to write out some goals to achieve throughout the next 6 months of 2020. Even though it's technically 5 months left of 2020 now we are in July!

Isobel Celine

1. Have A Break In The UK

Seeing as going abroad this year might be off the cards (this may change yet). I'd love to go up to Skegness and see my grandparents for the weekend which is the main thing I want to do really. As I love seeing them and having a walk down the beach, round the markets and arcades. It's just such a lovely little break away and not too long of a drive. I'd also like to maybe go to Brighton, Cornwall and Folkstone for a week or weekend.

Isobel Celine

2. Start The House Buying Process

If lockdown has taught me anything, I love having my own space. Myself and Adam have had the pull more than ever to not just want, but need our own place. I've definitely become more of an introvert now more than an extrovert. I cannot wait to have a place of our own. House moving vlog will certainly be on the cards! If you didn't know, I have a YouTube channel so please do check it out and subscribe here.

Isobel Celine

3. Get Monetised On YouTube

Keeping to the YouTube subject, I've been upping my YouTube game and uploading twice a week now and I have been loving it. To reach my goal of being monetised in the next 6 months, I need to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in a year. So if you'd like to help me achieve this goal, please do head over to my YouTube channel here and subscribe.

Isobel Celine

4. Continue Doing Yoga

Lockdown and the peak of the virus was a very anxious and unnerving time and the one thing that really helped to calm my thought process was yoga. I've been doing the 'Home' 30 days of yoga challenge and it's been really lovely to have that 15-30 mins a day to myself to just take deep breaths and stretch. Yoga with Adrienne is certainly the youtuber I recommend if you want to do yoga at home. She brings such a lovely sense of stillness to my brain and thoughts. Yoga will definitely be something that stays with me.

5. Country Walks In The Evening

Me and Adam tried to do this everyday during lockdown and it certainly freed my mind from going mentally insane. We still go for nice walks now, that sometimes last for a good hour and a half around the local area. Its so lovely to walk through a field or alongside a canal, another way to bring a sense of calm to the anxious mind.

Isobel Celine

6. Take Even More Time Away From Screens

Being on the laptop and phone day in, day out (as I was working from home the whole of lockdown), during lockdown really affected my mood and my eyes. My screen time was so high as of course boredom also hit and I did a lot of scrolling. But I wish I could of read more rather than be on the screens. So I've decided to take the time to not be on my gadgets as much and read more, or even write. As life in our phones aren't the reality of life going on around us, its whats happening right here, right now that really matters.

What goals have your set yourself for the next 6 months? How has lockdown changed your life?


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