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Friday 10 July 2020

Press Event | Showcase Cinemas Are Back Open!

Showcase Cinema Coventry
I was kindly invited as press to the Showcase Cinema Coventry to see a film of choice. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.

Finally we have some entertainment back now that lockdown restrictions have been slowly lifted. Which means Showcase Cinemas across the UK are finally back open! I was so excited when I had been invited to head down to my local Cinema to see a film of my choice. I love a good trip to the cinema to just sit back, relax & eat all the snacks. In my case it was a big can of paprika Pringles, vegan sweets & a bottle of squash. So let's get into this post & see how the visit went.

Showcase Cinema Coventry

I couldn't be happier that the cinema is back open, and I was even more grateful at the fact it wasn't busy, as if it was too busy during this pandemic it would make me rather worried. But thankfully it was lovely and quiet. So if your worried about the crowds, don't as it's not super busy right now, so if you want a trip to the cinema then definitely head to showcase for a chilled time in their recliner seats watching a film of your choice. Followed by plenty of snacks of course. They have plenty of different classic oldies to new films on at the moment. Check out their website here to see what they are currently showing. 

Showcase Cinema Coventry

Let's talk about the healthy and safety side of how the Showcase have reacted to the new guidelines of COVID. They have set out a one way system around the cinema, they have hand sanitisers on every doorway and antibacterial wipe stands before you enter the toilets. My one concern was do they clean all the seats and wipe them down after every person has sat on them. So if your OCD like me, definitely take some wipes with you from the antibacterial wipes station and wipe the area down you are going to sit in.

There are health and safety message boards all over the cinema stating information & of course stickers with the 2 metre notification on them. There is also signs to suggest wearing masks, but of course once your sitting down watching the film you do not have to wear the mask, but once the film is finished they advise you to wear your mask again of course. There were also these safety messages during the adverts before the film. One thing that wasn't clearly marked out was the fact you had to leave the building through the fire exits. No one made us aware of that until we came out of the film and a cleaner directed us out that way. So that should be made aware from the beginning of you coming in to collect your tickets really. But other than that, it seemed perfectly COVID ready shall we say and perfectly safe to go in and enjoy a film.

Showcase Cinema Coventry

As for the film we watched called Emma, it was originally realised back in February. I'd never heard of it but as it was a Jane Austen film and reminded me of a Downton Abbey style film, it was the perfect choice to watch and take my Mum along to see it. It was hard to get into at first with the old English language spoken throughout, but it was a lovely film to watch and I'd definitely recommend if your into films and series that are based in the era of Downton Abbey.

Overall, I will be going back to the cinema quite regularly now that it's back open. I might even head there during this weekend as I'm so happy it's back open and also something to do that gets you out the house!

Thank you to Showcase Cinema for inviting me and my Mum down to my local cinema in Coventry, it was lovely to see it back open and all safe & clean. Will you be heading to the cinema now that they are back open?


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