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Monday 5 April 2021

Lifestyle | What I've Been Loving On Netflix

Isobel Celine

Lockdown is still happening here in the UK so it's given me more time to make myself relax and watch Netflix. And for the first time I've actually got through a fair amount of series. So I wanted to share some pretty good ones with you. So here are some shows and films I've been watching that I recommend you watch.

Behind Her Eyes

This series was only 6 episodes long so a quick and easy watch really for you to binge on. It was very weird the whole story line and how it ended wasn't so predictable. I can't really say too much about it as it's kind of a weird one to describe, but basically a couple moved from somewhere to near the London area in the UK and this man and woman literally bumped into each other in a bar, they got talking, kissed, then they realised that he was the new Therapist at where the woman works. She then found out he had a wife, she then bumped into the wife and they become good friends - all awkward but there's SUCH a twist in the series that I recommend you watch to find out.


My goodness, if you haven't watched Bridgerton by now, where have you been?! If your not a period drama kind of person, definitely not for you, but if you are, this series is filled with beautiful gowns, balls and just such a lovely but kind of dramatic story line. I completed the first series in 2 days I was that hooked. I cannot wait for series 2 whenever it comes out.

Ginny & Georgia

An American series that was pretty good to watch. Based on a teenage girl, her mum and little brother who have moved a fair bit in their life around the US due to the problems her mother has caused with men. The series shows a number of issues from self-harm to racism in schools. I really enjoyed this series & can't wait for the second one. Ginny & Georgia is definitely a good series to check out.


Moxie was SUCH a good feminist film and I'm so glad I came across it. This film showed SO many issues women and girls face in their life, from sexual assault, rape, being cat called, and being put on a list of who is the best of what, so like a comparison list. It shows the battle for girls rights to be heard in a high-school. Really good film to watch, especially with the recent issues being brought up on the news a few weeks back.

Finding Ohana

This film reminding me of Moana as it was based in Hawaii. This New York family went back to their grandfathers home in Hawaii and they found he couldn't pay his bills and also had a health problem. The young granddaughter finds a diary of her grandfathers and follows an adventure that leads to treasure, except theres a twist to it. Worth a watch if you like these kind of adventurous films.

Lost Girls

Based on a true story this film is about girls who we're sex-workers and went missing. A mother didn't know her daughter was part of this trade until she went missing, so a big investigation was brought out when a office accidentally found bodies on the highway when he let the police dog out of the car when stopping by the side of the road. It was such an interesting film and I love to research into these types of films and see who these people were that went missing. Really good crime mystery film to watch.

Emily In Paris

I watched this series a while back and I cannot wait for season 2. If you love the influencer lifestyle and Paris mixed together with a romance, this is certainly one to watch. I also love how Emily dresses in this series as it's so stylish - certainly can get some outfit inspo from this show.

Mean Girls

Of course a classic that I don't even need to explain. The film popped up on Netflix a few weeks back and I just had to watch it. Really takes me back to my teenage years. Who doesn't love this classic film! Also if you didn't know, theres also a Mean Girls 2 film, completely different actors to the first one but just as much fun.

The Bold Type

This is a new series I've been watching, can't tell you too much as I'm only on episode 4, but regardless I'm enjoying it so far. I've seen so many people talk about this series on social media so had to give it a try, and so far it's pretty good.

What series or films have you been loving lately?

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