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Saturday 25 September 2021

Theatre | This Little Relic Review

This Little Relic

You know what's so lovely, being (kind of) back to normal life again and going to the Theatre. How I have missed it and watching the actors put on a show and making the audience laugh. I had the pleasure of being invited as press once again to the Belgrade Theatre to watch the audio performance of This Little Relic.

I had no idea what to expect with this performance, but it was rather lovely to watch, even though it wasn't your usual performance like a play, this was nice and different to witness. It was like audible in a theatre, the different actors reading from the script into microphones, someone making the sound affects on one side and sign language on the other. I was rather intrigued by the whole thing as I'd never been to the theatre and experience it this way. The whole thing felt like a book was being read to the audience but acted out as if it was in your head at the same time, definitely like a live version of audible. Rather intriguing to say the least. I was also blown away by the beautiful singers who's harmonies were an absolute dream to listen to. All the actors, cast & singers did a fabulous job I must say. The show was broadcasted by the BBC on the radio & will be live this Sunday which is brilliant for those of you who would like to tune in yourselves.

The storyline of the show was based on Coventry itself. As quoted by the Belgrade Theatre themselves, the show was about:

In a community centre in Coventry, a rebellion is rising. With Mr. Sims determined to produce the perfect version of Ira Aldridge’s play The Black Doctor, music loving teenagers Alex and Ajay are preparing for an opening night upset.

Dogged by violent dreams, Mr. Sims knows the community centre itself is at risk of being torn down and, under mounting pressure, decides everything is riding on this performance going well. If it does, it just may prove the community centre is worth saving.

Meanwhile, Ajay’s mother Prabhleen discovers a familiar face is behind the demolition plans, leading her to confront an old secret that will undoubtedly have huge consequences – particularly for her blossoming romance with Mr. Sims…

A story of love, friendship and regeneration.

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