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Sunday 3 October 2021

Lifestyle | Decorating Our Home With Poster Store

Poster Store

Finally I can share with you a little bit of our new home & how we've added little personal touches here and there thanks to Poster Store. They kindly gifted me all of these beautiful prints and frames to decorate our lovely home with. There's something about adding prints to the house that's somehow transformed it and made it seem even more homely if you get what I mean?

We decided to go for Greece themed frames for the living room as Zante was one of our favourite holidays together so I just knew as soon as I saw these prints I had to make a wall for Greece in the house. This one wall in the living room honestly looks so lovely how we've put it together. Also the large print is actually from Mapiful (gifted) and I bought the frame from a charity shop for £5 - bargain! The other two prints from Poster Store were perfect to go with this large print, as we saw turtles during our holiday so had to have this print involved as well as the other beautiful print being shipwreck beach which we also visited that I'll never forget as it was a place I've always wanted to visit & it just reminds me of the feeling I get when I travel which is a feeling of freedom as well as a sense of appreciation for being able to be there. I also have a discount code for Poster Store for you lovely lot to get your use out of, use 'ISOBEL35' at the checkout to get yourself some money saved. This code is only valid from 3rd October 2021 to 3rd November, so make sure you get your use out of it before it expires! (Not combinable with other campaign discounts.)

Poster Store

Moving onto the dressing room - the actual DREAM that I can say we have a dressing room is incredible. I've always wanted one and we finally have one - watch the vlog of us making it here. We put up these 2 prints in there which were THE perfect fit with the peonies print and the little one with 'I need more shoes' this is definitely aimed more at Adam as he has more shoes than me would you believe! But it went with the aesthetics of the room of course so fits in perfectly.

Poster Store

Onto the kitchen, we still have a couple more to put up but we plan on buying more prints and frames on the poster store to go on this wall to complete it and have more of a kitchen vibe. As we have this quote print 'but first coffee' as Adam loves coffee & we have a print with pancakes on which was more for me and loved how it would look in the kitchen, but like I said we are yet to buy more to finish the kitchen. But I love how simplistic it looks so far with this one in the kitchen.

Poster Store

Lets get naked, the complete vibe that this gives in the pamper room bathroom haha it matches the bath mat I have in there also. I thought that this print was THE perfect one for the bathroom as soon as I saw it on the website. The frame also matches the aesthetic I'm going for in the bathroom, all the bamboo style wood, that we actually have going on throughout the house. Before we moved in I didn't like any wood but this style of wood is just so nice and modern, so I love having these frames tie in with all the colour schemes we have going on around the house.

We have a couple more frames to put up around the house but we want to buy more before we put the rest up as we want to put them all up at the same time to see if it looks right rather than just randomly. I'd highly recommend Poster Store for prints and frames as they are such a good price as well! All of the prints were under £10 each and the frames were decent prices as well. Shop the website here & decorate your home with their beautiful prints and frames. They also have a sale on a lot of the time so you can get them at a discount also. Don't forget to use my code 'ISOBEL35' to get discount off at the checkout. This code is only valid from 3rd October 2021 to 3rd November, so make sure you get your use out of it before it expires! (Not combinable with other campaign discounts.)

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