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Monday 22 November 2021

Lifestyle | Give The Gift Of Memories This Black Friday With Poster Store


Christmas is on its way and it's time to start writing out those Christmas shopping lists. Black Friday is looming & its the best time of the year to get all the bargains and save yourself some money at this sometimes expensive time of the year. You can of course save yourself some money with my code 'ISOBEL55' on the Poster Store website but for a limited time only from 22nd to 29th November 2021 so if you want to save some money do it within this time and get yourself 55% off - except selection posters and frames, not in conjunction with other discount campaigns. So let's see what different kinds of prints and frames you can get your hands on for yourself, family, friends or secret Santa.



Poster Store does an incredibly large range of different styles, sizes and types of posters so it's perfect for everyone, the only hard part is choosing the posters you want to buy,  as there's honestly SO many you'll either want loads or can't decide on which one as you are spoilt for choice. As well as you being spoilt for choice, I suppose it wouldn't help if I also told you they do posters with quotes, Parisian style, animals, travel, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and so many more styles or posters that you will want to kit your whole house out like I did, which you can see in this post, which could also give you some inspiration as to what types of posters and frames you are looking for.


As for frames, they have some beautiful colour ways from wooden, matte black, chrome silver, gold and a few more in all sizes from A5 - 50x70. I bought a variety of sizes this time around as I had my family pick their own posters and frames that they liked for Christmas presents so it was something they liked and could choose themselves for Christmas. My brother chose the black quote poster and matte black frame which looks lovely together which he will be putting at the top of his stairs in the hallway which will be a lovely statement piece to walk up the stairs and see.

My Mum chose the boats in the mountains picture with the black frame that she really liked, not sure where she's going to put it yet, but no doubt in the living room to switch the interior up a bit. I love that photo as it really makes me want to go to Canada or New Zealand and just travel the beautiful scenery.

We chose the Icelandic waterfall poster and frame for Adam's parents as they went to Iceland a few years back and thought this would be a lovely reminder of memories from travelling for them and the oak frame really suits their interior.

The Zakinthos beach photo with silver frame Adam's sister chose for her newly decorated bedroom which is pink and silver, so this will look lovely in her room.

What I also love about Poster Store's website is they have an area where you can see all different styles of frames styled together on a gallery wall, so it gives you more inspiration and you can see what goes well with each other.


So if you are looking to give a gift full of memories or something different to gift those you love this Christmas, definitely check out poster store or even to gift your house with a few lovely prints on the wall. Don't forget to use my code ISOBEL55 for 55% off the website between 22nd-29th November 2021 on the Poster Store website.

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!

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