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Saturday 1 January 2022

Lifestyle | 2022 New Year Goals


New Year Goals 2022
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Goodbye 2021...Hello 2022! The year where I plan to manifest my best life, strive even harder for the things I want to achieve in life & the year I plan to buy my dream car.  So let's dive right in to see what I've got planned to achieve in 2022.

New Year Goals 2022
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Buy A New Car

I've wanted a new car for quite some time & I always want to achieve one big goal each year,  and this time around its a car, preferably my dream car, Range Rover Evoque in either white or black would be the dream! And I'm certainly going to treat myself to it as I deserve it. We all deserve things in life that we've always dreamed of, so go out there and get it.

Get a new camera

I really need to do this as my current camera seems to have had its day unfortunately and an upgrade is needed.

Reach 1K subs on YouTube

If you'd like to help me achieve this then please do subscribe here.

Reach 10K on Instagram

Another insane goal I'd love to reach is this, support your girl and follow me on Instagram here.

Read more often

I have waayyyy too many books waiting to be read and I need to make more time to actually sit and read them as it's so relaxing when I actually sit down to chill out.

Take more time to relax

I honestly rarely sit in front of the TV, or sit with a book these days as I'm always editing, scrolling or doing something. So I really need to take that time out to relax really.

Drink more fluids

I am terrible for not drinking enough on the daily, and I want to do better this year and hydrate my body better & take care of myself more.

Take care of myself better

This goes back to making myself relax, drink more water and taking more time for me. To stop doing so much & do less. Taking care of myself should be on the top of my list for 2022.

Meditate & do yoga more

I did a lot of this during lockdown in 2020 and it really helped to settle my mindset, stopped me overthinking so much & made me be more in the moment & present. I want to get back to that & relax my head of thoughts.


I'm dying to go to Paris, Italy, Santorini, and Australia mainly, but I don't mind where we go, I just want to travel and make memories.

Get fit and healthy again

By this I mean be more consistent going to the gym, eating more protein & having more protein in my diet. I'll be documenting my journey on my youtube channel on this through my what I eat in a week videos.

Spend more time with family & friends

Time is precious, so I want to put more time aside to see family & make plans with them & friends. Just making memories & taking all the pictures for memories sake.

Work with more incredible brands

I've had the pleasure of working with some insane brands in 2021, but in 2022 the dream would be to work with NOMO, Buttermilk, The White Company, Dior, Ego Shoes, Bicester Village etc. That would be some insane opportunities for 2022.

Use time more wisely

In this case I mean less scrolling on my phone and using time more wisely like limiting myself on the amount of time I spend on my phone.

You can also watch my New Year Goals video on my channel here if you'd like to hear more of what I have planned for 2022. Let me know your goals for 2022 & happy new year!Co-ord gifted from Femme LuxeBlazerBlazerBlazerBlazerBlazerBlazerBlazerBlazer

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