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Thursday 24 February 2022

Theatre | Da Vinci Code Review - Belgrade Theatre

 Da Vinci Code

I had the pleasure of attending the press evening for the performance of Da Vinci Code that was showing at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry this week, and my goodness what a show it was. I'm completely new to this show as well as the novel. I've always heard about it but never really looked into it or watched the film. Which I'm actually glad I didn't as watching shows in the theatre, they just tell the tale so much better in my eyes. Can't beat a good theatre performance. Let's dive into this historic murder mystery then shall we?

Da Vinci CodeDa Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code had one of the main characters played by the one and only Nigel Harman, otherwise known as Dennis Rickman from the BBC show Eastenders. He played an American symbologist alongside Hannah Rose Caton who played the character Sophie Neveu. If you don't know anything about Da Vinci Code but are rather interested in what it's all about, then definitely pop and see this show, it's not only playing in Belgrade Theatre Coventry, so even if you aren't local to Coventry, it sure will be coming to a theatre near you.

The show is filled with not only the theory of Leonardo DaVinci, theres humour throughout, giving it a modern twist, brilliant stage set up and fabulous actors and actresses. I learnt a few things throughout this performance as well, as I didn't know anything about Da Vinci Code nor the fact it was a novel and film. I'm now so intrigued by the conspiracy and certainly want to know more. 

Da Vinci Code

I love a good murder mystery story line, but this one has your historic treasure hunt thrown into the mix. Mind blowing but so interesting and kept you watching to say the least. By the end of the show I was so confused as I wanted to know whether it was all true or not, but we will never know I suppose. Regardless, this show was more than intriguing and I urge you to go and see it for yourselves to have your own opinion on the conspiracy, but also just to see it played live in front of you other than not only watching the film or reading the novel. Theatre just brings these things to life so much more.

Book your tickets here to see Da Vinci Code at Belgrade Theatre Coventry. For a limited time only between 22nd - 26th February 2022.

Have you seen or read The Da Vinci Code before? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

*I was kindly invited by the Belgrade Theatre to attend the press performance of this show to review. All opinions are my own, open and honest. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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